Five Common Mistakes People Make in Psychotherapy

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a woman's face, looking scared into the camera, 5 common mistakes clients make in psychotherapyDo you know the common mistakes people make in psychotherapy? In our culture where shortcuts are queen, it can be challenging to take the long road in psychotherapy. It’s common for me as a therapist to hear of negative experiences people have with previous therapists.

There are plenty of mediocre or even terrible therapists out there.

But sometimes, the problem boils down to common mistakes clients make in therapy. If you want to get the most out of your investment, check out these five no no’s.

Mistakes People Make in Psychotherapy: Five Big No No’s

#1  Rushing Through Therapy

Therapy is a commitment and takes time.

Any lasting growth or change requires consistency over time. It’s not that I want people to linger on my sofa in my therapy office. The process of psychotherapy is more satisfying for everyone when my therapy clients have breakthroughs, accomplish their goals and successfully exit therapy.

I have learned that personal discovery cannot be rushed. The investment of time and energy pays off in cumulative dividends. Just like the gym.

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#2  Don’t Have the Base Understanding How Psychotherapy Works

Self-discovery is the goal of psychotherapy.

It isn’t meant to be a weekly bitch session or crisis management (although sometimes those things will happen can be appropriate).

The goal of psychotherapy is to learn HOW to look within and develop a deep curiosity about self.

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#3  Awareness But No Execution

Leaving your awareness on the sofa. 

What we discover about ourselves in the therapeutic space needs to be carried into life. If you skip this action, you are prolonging your process; which leads to frustration and diminished results. And perhaps even the belief that psychotherapy ‘doesn’t work.’

[bctt tweet="What you discover about yourself needs to be carried into your life."]

#4  Others Need to Change

We have become obsessed with the outsourcing of personal responsibility.

You think other people should change so that you can feel better. If you are using psychotherapy to analyze and complain about others, you are not receiving the benefit.

[bctt tweet="Don't wait for others to change so you can feel better about yourself."]

Your shrink, your yoga instructor and your psychiatrist can’t ‘fix’ you.

We are expert guides and facilitators on your journey. Ultimately, you have to reach deep inside and pull out your grit.

#5  Pretending Everything Is OK

Hiding valuable information from your therapist; bad idea.


You are only blocking your growth. I understand that trust and relationships grow over time. We are not here to judge you or tell you how to live your life. If you are holding back in psychotherapy, let your therapist know and explore the reason!

[bctt tweet="Holding back means not living your life to the fullest."]

Do you experience that you make the same mistakes people make in psychotherapy? I am here to help you! I can be reached in my Boca Raton or Key Largo therapy offices at (561) 221-5575. If it’s easier, fill out my on the house consult form. We will get your telephone or virtual video consult scheduled asap. From there we will find your win-win solution!


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