Habitual Behaviors: My Partner Is an Addict

person sitting on the floor, with hands in front of her face, habitual behaviorsAnonymous guest post from one of my psychotherapy clients: Do you have habitual behaviors? My husband does. And I realize, I do too. Most days he’s not even ashamed of it.

He wears “Keys Disease” (aka an alcoholic under the guise of “laid back”) like a badge of honor. My husband is a chronic alcohol and drug user.

And, frequently puts his wants before his family’s needs. (more…)

What’s the Big Deal with Positive Thinking?

positive thinking, therapyNeuroscience. That is the big deal. Personally, I like to understand how things work. Once I have some evidenced based knowledge, it is much easier for me to embrace a new way of doing things. To learn positivity, I had to become aware of my negativity, understand how to change it and believe in the process. A while back, embracing positive thinking didn’t even occur to me because I was SO unaware of how negative my thoughts were. There was plenty of evidence, but I was in denial.


How To Find a Therapist

How To Find A TherapistAre you thinking about how to find a therapist? Deciding to see a therapist is a hard enough choice. Determining who you will see may feel like another mountain to climb. If you have never seen a therapist, it may be helpful to have a few pointers about what to look for.

When you are choosing to allow someone into the most personal parts of your heart and mind, it is certainly worth taking the time to research who will be the best fit.


When Life Deals You A Difficult Hand

Inspiration Comes In Many Forms

Jolyn FishingI want to introduce you to Jolyn. She is one of my inspirations (without even knowing it). She is a reminder of what it means to never give up, even when life seems impossible. I have known Jolyn for many years now. She knows all too well that she is perfectly imperfect. Some days she is OK with imperfection and some days she rages against it. I admire her process, her willingness to learn and her effort to embrace imperfection. I hope she is as inspirational to you as she is to me.

Jolyn’s Story

“I am 42 years old, I am Gay, a recovering addict and I have HSP (Hereditary Spastic Paraplegic Disorder) – a neurological disorder that affects my lower mobility. I grew up in Reading, PA, have a big Italian catholic family and loved playing sports. On the outside my life probably looked ideal, but on the inside, it was ugly.



When Addiction Touches Us All

In the aftermath of someone dying from addiction, it is common to go through the “What If’s”. It is normal for family members and loved ones often question if they did enough to intervene on the life of the addict or alcoholic as if this practice would absolve the supposed lack of action. A death resulting from addiction is particularly tragic because it seems so preventable and unnecessary. This past week our thoughts and hearts have turned to Whitney Houston and her family; the needless suffering, the wasted talent and the grief of her family. (more…)