Ask For What You Want: Lessons From My Dog Max

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ask for what you wantDo you ask for what you want? My dog Max is a rescue. Max is a girl - her large size and boy name confuse people all the time. When I picked her up from the shelter, she was already a year old. She had been returned to the shelter twice already. Her given name was Maxie. It didn't seem fair to change her name but I was having a problem.

Every time I said her name Maxie, my mind completed the phrase maxi pad. I didn't want to think of feminine hygiene products every time I said her name. So, she became Max.

I can't imagine my life without her.

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We have been together for 12 years. She has loved me well and taught me many things. She is getting older now and struggles more. Max sleeps longer, eats less and has trouble jumping or climbing; she still has a great attitude. She allows our toddler Grace, to climb on her and play with her. Max has never been a complainer. Max is housebroken, doesn't eat my shoes and is fiercely protective of her family.

Max Asks For What She Wants

It recently occurred to me that Max is incredibly persistent about what she wants.

  • When she wants cuddles, she maneuvers herself into your personal space until you comply.
  • If she wants company, she follows. When she wants out, she stands at the door.
  • When she is hungry, she leads you to her bowl.
  • If she wants a treat, she leads you to the cookie jar.


Ask For What You Want: Fearless and Judgement Free

The striking thing about this is she doesn't worry that she may hurt my feelings or is being "needy" or a "burden".

She just asks for what she wants.

She doesn't expect us to read her mind. Nor do her feelings get hurt when we don't. She doesn't worry that we won't love her or that we will reject her. Even when she gets rejected, she keeps coming back! She doesn't get offended or judge mistakes. She doesn't care if I wear makeup or gain weight. My dog Max is a brilliant example of how to ask for what you want.

The most fascinating thing is that Max's self-esteem is not affected by day to day life. (Some dogs who have been abused may suffer from poor self-esteem, but not Max!).

Max doesn't question her purpose or try to be good enough.

Max trusts her family and friends. She is wary of strangers and establishes trust over time. Max is sure that she is worthy of love and belonging. Very sure.

For us emotionally wrought humans, we could practice being like Max or (insert your pet here). If you wish you had more love, attention or self-worth; ask for what you want.

Practice believing in yourself. Ask for Your On The House Consultation. Live without abandon and know your worth. Know that you are loved and your purpose is as important as your pet's!

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  1. I have four cats and experience the same. Especially from my wild child “Snow White”. Snow White has trained me well lol She comes to me and then goes to the spot in the house she wants me to serve her. Food in her food bowl in the kitchen, opening the porch door, or laying down on the nice soft carpet to cuddle with her. She won’t give up before she gets what she wants. And decides when she has enough. Then she gets up and just goes away xoxo She doesn’t care about what the other cats want, think or do. Just about herself, in a good way. Yes, we can learn a lot from our pets about to ask for what we want without expectations to get it, just gratitude.

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