Five Common Mistakes People Make in Psychotherapy

a woman's face, looking scared into the camera, 5 common mistakes clients make in psychotherapyDo you know the common mistakes people make in psychotherapy? In our culture where shortcuts are queen, it can be challenging to take the long road in psychotherapy. It’s common for me as a therapist to hear of negative experiences people have with previous therapists.

There are plenty of mediocre or even terrible therapists out there.

But sometimes, the problem boils down to common mistakes clients make in therapy. If you want to get the most out of your investment, check out these five no no’s.


How to Deal with Infidelity in a Marriage: Marriage Counseling Client Example

a husband with a lipstick mark on his shirt, how to deal with infidelity in a marriageHow to deal with infidelity in a marriage?
She had an affair. The husband called me desperate for help saving his marriage. They have children together.
He didn’t want to tear up his family. He felt completely out of control, grief-stricken and didn’t know what to believe.
She swore it wasn’t physical, but he just couldn’t accept that idea.


How to Deal with Insecurity in a Relationship: Marriage Counseling Client Example

a couple kissing each other, how to deal with insecurity in a relationshipHow to deal with insecurity in a relationship? They wouldn’t stop bickering. That was the crux of the voicemail beckoning my help in the form of marriage counseling. Returning the call, I understood my clients needed help, and our introductory 90-minute therapy session was on the books. I could feel the apprehension as our session began. I congratulated my clients on their collectively agreed upon decision to see a marriage therapist. Some would say that alone is a breakthrough … Read this example marriage counselor Dawn Wiggins shares about a couple who is dealing with marriage problems including insecurity, rejection, lack of trust, and how she helped them.  (more…)

Gratitude: Being Grateful For What You Have and Saying Thank You

white heart with little red heart on top of it, saying I am grateful with Dawn Wiggins Therapy logo, gratitude, being grateful for what you have and saying thank youAt the risk of sounding corny, if you read this blog post about gratitude, I am beyond grateful that you are in my life. When I reflect back on my personal growth this year; my readers have been a significant part of it.

With every email and blog post I write, I strive to share my authentic voice and teach something meaningful. The fact that you read my words is terrifying, humbling and my honor.


How to Overcome Self Esteem Issues as a Mom

mom in a black background, how to overcome self esteem issues as a momDo you have self esteem issues as a mom? I often struggle to keep my parenting insecurities in check. It feels like a constant internal struggle for my daughter’s approval. I swear she loves my husband more.

When she wants someone else more than me, the ugly jealousy monster arrives on the scene.

This has all been exacerbated by my weekly work commute since moving to Key Largo in the Florida Keys this year.


Choosing Love over Hate, Anger, Frustration and Depression

face of a woman in front of a city silhouette, choosing love in a troubled worldAre you choosing love? The world has problems. Biiiiig ones. Problems which seem impossible to scale. Gun violence, racism, sexual assault, climate change, bigotry, hate crimes, untreated mental health, tribalism, a culture of judgement and entitlement.

Love is patient.

Love is kind.

It is not envy. It is not boast.

Love is …


Lessons Learned in Life: Releasing Judgement and Setting Boundaries during Hurricane Irma

flooded street after a hurricane, lessons learned in lifeThe best lessons learned in life are the ones you can learn during a catastrophe. After the destruction of hurricane Harvey, everyone was taking the Irma threat seriously.

I started to consider whether we would evacuate. We live on an island. Our home is on the water.

The tide surge was a concern. Could we get washed into the sea?

I understood the potential outcomes.


How to Cope with Fear and Violence

woman looking up through a hole in the ceiling, learn how to cope with fear and violenceViolence, destruction and fear are ripping apart the fabric of our lives. The important thing to understand is WE are equally culpable for the destruction we face. To cope with fear and the dangers of living; we must change our response.

Whether it is domestic violence, terrorism or street crime your most powerful choices involve managing your fear response. Violent and aggressive people are looking for power and control. They want you to feel debilitating fear – it shifts the power to their advantage. (more…)