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I am a collaborative divorce attorney and family mediator who helps couples through separation and divorce. All of my work is out-of-court and I am always seeking new ways of maintaining the peaceful and effective focus of my work with the goal of facilitating resolution of all issues for couples and families. So a few months ago, when I called upon Dawn, it was with the hope that she could play a critical role in assisting me in a particular divorce mediation I was handling. The mediation was in danger of impasse if I could not find a way to deal with the concern that the Husband/Father may have had a substance abuse addiction and if so, how we would address co-parenting arrangements. I am not an expert on the subject, but I knew that Dawn was. She is not only an expert in terms of marital relationships but also has an extremely strong background in and experience with addiction, so I thought she might be a wonderful resource – and I was 100% correct. She helped the couple and by extension, me, to process and analyze the situation and work out an appropriate time-sharing plan. She was effective, confident and extremely professional. I would use her services again without hesitation!!

"It is my honor to commend to you a person who exemplifies the highest standards of professionalism and clinical skill. I have known and worked with Dawn and have been inspired by her listening skills,compassion and integrity."

"Dawn Wiggins changed my life. After years of hating myself, years thinking that I wasn't good enough, years thinking that my life was worthless, years of wishing I would just be dead, Dawn helped me love myself and made me realize that there is nothing wrong with me and from there life got beautiful. Thank you "Dr." Dawn! <3"

“We truly believe that we would not be together today if it weren't for Dawn. We knew we loved each other, and wanted to remain together, but we needed someone to help us work through some of our issues. Dawn carefully navigated our concerns, and helped us grow closer together. Some sessions would begin with us as far apart as we could get, both physically and emotionally, but they always ended with us cuddled up together or holding hands. We owe the honest, committed, and loving relationship we have today to Dawn. There isn't a doubt in our minds.”

“Joining the women's group has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I was resistant at first, especially since I've always had trouble building and maintaining relationships with other women. But group became a safe place for me to share my thoughts, emotions, and fears. So much so, that I began to look forward to our time together each week. Group therapy supported the things I was trying to work on in individual sessions, and was instrumental in the personal growth I have experienced to date.”

“When I began seeing Dawn, I was in a pretty dark place. I had tried therapy before, but it never seemed to work for me, and I was still struggling with depression and some deep-rooted pain. Over time, I had become really blocked off from the world around me, and I honestly had little faith that she could help me. I am blessed to say that I was wrong. Her compassionate approach, combined with her unwavering spiritual foundation, was exactly what I needed. I am excited to live my life today, and even more excited for my future.”

"Dawn was helpful when I needed someone to talk to through a difficult time in my life. She listened and understood me, allowing me to be open with my feelings without prejudice. I followed with her suggestions and was amazed at her insight. Through her coaching and advice, I was able to become grounded and confident in my own abilities again, and to move forward with my life in a positive manner. I will always be grateful for our sessions!"

“I have been seeing Dawn for the past 3 years and can honestly say she has contributed to my growth and progress tremendously. Through her traditional as well as holistic approach, I have been able to improve my anxiety, learn crucial life skills and most of all learn to be my most authentic self. I have taken advantage of both group and individual settings and each provide me with useful tools and a different perspective. To have a therapist that is genuinely caring and wants to see me improve is an experience unlike any other. Dawn is first class.”

"Before visiting Dawn, my life was in a downward spiral. I suffered from chronic anxiety every day. I have now been seeing Dawn for two years and my life has changed drastically. I am reaching the goals that I have set for myself, including graduating college. I have created better relationships with my family, and best of all Dawn has worked with me by helping me manage my anxiety. I now have less anxiety attacks and I am more prepared to handle them on my own."

"The quality of care I have received from Dawn is exceptional. She has guided me to explore my anxiety like I have never before done. After every meeting, I am more aware of my thoughts and I am able to face each day happily. She encourages me to continue working outside of our meetings and I see the benefits each time. I highly recommend Dawn and her practice to anyone seeking help. Her insight, genuineness and professionalism are unlike any other."

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