Do you celebrate life, everyday? This week, I am reflecting on 2018. It has been a year of opportunity and change for each of us. Admittedly, transitions can be painful. However, along with change comes the possibility of growth. Change brings both loss and renewal. And, for those of you who struggle with letting go, the year has felt challenging. While those developing a greater comfort with acceptance, 2018 has been more enjoyable. 

Do You Celebrate Life or Worry About the Future?

I want to reassure you whatever you are experiencing comes with the option of hope.

Hope you will move forward if you let it. Hope encourages you to trust that this moment will pass, you will learn, you will grow.

Whether at the pace of the turtle or the hare matters little.

And, no matter your intended outcome, your life is happening NOW! If you catch yourself thinking, life will be better when…remind yourself to find some joy or gratitude even in the struggle.


Start Living Life to the Fullest

You get to live your life to the fullest at any given moment.

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I know feeling alive can sometimes be a most painful experience. And, you get to choose whether you numb out and avoid, or stay present, feeling both the joy and the despair which comes with the inherent risk of living.

No matter your choice, I have been and will continue to be here.

I am considering you, loving you and supporting you in your journey. 

As this year wraps up, it is time for me to take time.

For myself and my family. 


Be Still, Reflect, and Rest

To be still, to reflect, to rest. And, to celebrate. 

So, my next blog will come after the new year, with a renewed energy to take on all that 2019 has to offer.

Positive or painful.

Because, I have learned; no matter how I plan, life happens on life’s terms. I accept that I cannot control how life unfolds, but I can shift how I experience it.  

Thank you for allowing joining me on the journey. I am grateful that you read these words and find yourself relating.

I look forward to our next adventures. Till then, Happy and Merry whatever makes your heart full.


“You are the best reason to celebrate.” ~Dawn Wiggins

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Dawn Wiggins
Dawn Wiggins is the founder and owner of Dawn Wiggins Therapy and Help Towards Hope. She knew she wanted to be a psychotherapist at the age of 12. Dawn is inspired to write about the things she experiences in her everyday life. She believes that her personal and professional experiences can help others overcome the same challenges. Her husband is her biggest fan and her go to editor-he is much better with grammar, punctuation and tenses!