What Do You Think about Miracles?

What Do You Think about Miracles?

So I was thinking … about miracles. And, I think we generally misunderstand what they are. My perception is that people use the word miracle to explain the inexplicable. Or, to help them express the magnitude of amazement felt about an extraordinary event. Or to define something they fail to understand. (more…)

How to Tell if You are Falling Out of Love

An image of a couple holding hands whose reflection is getting lost in a puddle, falling out of loveYou want to know how to tell if you are falling out of love. I get it. I’ve been divorced and remarried and the divorce part sucked. Part of my healing journey was to figure out how we fell out of love. I wanted to prevent it from happening in my next relationship! Most of us want our relationships to be ‘forever’. But maintaining forever can be pretty challenging. (more…)

How to Get Over Infidelity Pain – Accepting the Unacceptable

woman holding her hands, she is wearing a diamond ring, how to get over infidelity pain, accepting the unacceptableYou have been trying to figure out how to get over infidelity pain and just can’t find relief. The feelings of betrayal and disgust are overwhelming. The mere idea that you are in pain and can’t make it stop adds to your rage. You carry the fear that it’s was all for nothing, and that you are helpless to create a change. (more…)

I Surrender: Expressions from My Heart

blonde woman laying on an old sofa, looking into the camera, I surrenderI want to feel loved, wanted, needed and desired. Completely accepted and valued without condition. I want to live in the bliss of constant adoration. I want to be repeatedly told what I am good at, not criticized for my failings. It seems I have been strong for too long. Instead, I surrender and fold into the warmth of your embrace. I want to let go of defending, protecting and hiding. The call of wild, unadulterated freedom is calling to me. A place where I can live in the full expression of who I am. The refusal of being ruled by shame, embarrassment, and fear. (more…)