Number #1 Happiness Killer: Stress – How to Use the Serenity Prayer to Find Stress Relief

4 Minutes Read You have too much stress. You don’t want to adult anymore. Maybe you feel like you CAN’T adult anymore. Too many things have pressed down on you. You can’t catch your breath or a break. You just want to be happy. It’s a great idea but how are you going to do it? How are […]

Number #1 Happiness Killer: Stress – How to Use the Serenity Prayer to Find Stress Relief READ ARTICLE

What’s the Big Deal with Positive Thinking?

6 Minutes Read Neuroscience. That is the big deal. Personally, I like to understand how things work. Once I have some evidenced based knowledge, it is much easier for me to embrace a new way of doing things. To learn positivity, I had to become aware of my negativity, understand how to change it and believe in the

What’s the Big Deal with Positive Thinking? READ ARTICLE

Forgiving Someone You Hate

3 Minutes Read Forgiving someone you hate is hard. Most people don’t enjoy the feeling of hatred.  It’s an intense feeling and a burden to carry. Hatred usually develops following severe or repetitive perception of betrayal. These days, a lot of people express hatred towards members of government. I am frequently asked about forgiveness. People usually feel it’s a

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pink box with white lettering, what to do when you are on the codependency triangle

What To Do When You Are On The Codependency Triangle

6 Minutes Read Are you in a codependency triangle? Codependency is a hot topic in the world of pop-psychology. As a recovering codependent, relationship expert, marriage counselor, and family therapist I want to help others recover from codependency as well. One of my favorite articles by Lynne Forrest; “The Three Faces of Victim – An Overview of the

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The Ultimate Guide To Burnout

2 Minutes Read Too much to do & not enough time (or energy). Burnout happens when you push your mind and body beyond it’s reasonable limit. Chronic burnout is slowly destroying your health, happiness, relationships, sex-life and motivation. Are you convinced you don’t have a choice? The Disgusting Problem My dad always called this “trying to fit 10 pounds of

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What Do You Believe About Yourself?

3 Minutes Read What do you believe? When you ask yourself “what do you believe?” do the answers come easily? Are you able to identify your strengths, values, and goals? Do you know where your beliefs came from? For more ideas and inspiration, click the link to the video. As always, I am here if you’d like to

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What Is Self Care?

3 Minutes Read I am so glad you asked! Self care is so many things! Self care is: saying no, exercising, asking for help, saying “I am sorry”, meditating, getting enough rest, forgiving yourself, eating healthy foods, being vulnerable, learning about yourself, making mistakes, letting go, healing old wounds, going to the doctor, taking a break, knowing what

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Do you have Fear of the Unknown?

3 Minutes Read I have been working on getting comfortable with my fear of the unknown.  There was a period of time in my life when it seemed like everything was constantly changing. I wanted to understand more about how to deal with uncertainty and change. As I began paying closer attention to my clients that were experiencing extreme uncertainty.  I also

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How To Find Love

3 Minutes Read People often ask me, “How did you meet your husband”? I think what they are truly asking is “How did you find love”? The answer most people expect is: I met him in high school. The truth is that I met him in healing.  I had to learn how to find love before we would marry 17 years later. My


5 Things You Need to Know About Feelings

3 Minutes Read Are your feelings overwhelming or absent? I can relate to both circumstances. When I was born, my emotional process functioned the way you would imagine. I smiled when happy, cried when upset, etc. Over time, my feelings were dismissed so I learned a fabulous coping system (this is sarcasm) that blocked feelings. I began to dismiss my own

5 Things You Need to Know About Feelings READ ARTICLE

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