I Quit Being a People Pleaser

Woman looking into a mirror as she questions herself about being a people pleaser or not.Are you a people pleaser and want to stop doing it but can’t? Then you’ll love this article about my journey as a people pleaser and how I stopped. When I sit down to write blogs, I want to please all of you. I think of ways to reach and relate to each of you. And, I want you to like me 😉 Sometimes I wonder if doing that forces me to be a better writer and therapist. Or maybe it just creates undue pressure. (more…)

Five Common Mistakes People Make in Psychotherapy

a woman's face, looking scared into the camera, 5 common mistakes clients make in psychotherapyDo you know the common mistakes people make in psychotherapy? In our culture where shortcuts are queen, it can be challenging to take the long road in psychotherapy. It’s common for me as a therapist to hear of negative experiences people have with previous therapists.

There are plenty of mediocre or even terrible therapists out there.

But sometimes, the problem boils down to common mistakes clients make in therapy. If you want to get the most out of your investment, check out these five no no’s.


How These Marriage Counseling Blogs Can Change Your Life Forever

open laptop with Dawn Wiggins Therapy marriage counseling's Key Largo and Boca Raton page open, symbolizing the power of marriage counseling blogsHow can marriage counseling blogs change your life? Because marriage is tough and you need tools. If you are getting married, you need to know. If you are married, you already know. I’m not trying to scare you.

I am actually a relationship optimist. With the proper tools and enough willingness, relationships can heal and thrive.

But do you have the proper tools? And do you have enough willingness?


How To Stop Feeling Rejected

image of a broken plate with a red heart and a heart in rainbow colors above it, lettering that says how to stop feeling rejectedCongratulations, you are normal. Everyone struggles with feeling rejected. Even the most popular and well loved people experience rejection.

In fact it’s possible that the most popular people feel the sting of rejection even stronger.

Are You Feeling Rejected?

The sensation of feeling rejected comes from an underlying belief.



What The Heck Are Boundaries

boundariesI used to think that boundaries were a clever way to control others.

For instance, “You cannot say mean things to me. You must respect my boundary. If you don’t listen, I won’t speak to you.”

This is not a boundary, it’s emotional blackmail. It’s controlling and unrealistic. You can do whatever you want. I don’t have control over you.



Mothers and Daughters: Help, Hope & Healing

mothers and daughtersMothers and Daughters: Isn’t it strange that such a sacred relationship can be so complicated. I often look at my young daughter and think “my goodness, just a couple of years ago, we shared a body”.

How does that closeness get damaged? More importantly, how can it be repaired? If you are a mother, have a mother or know a mother, this one is for you. Here is an in depth look at some really tough mother-daughter issues. My wish is to offer some hope, healing and guidance to the amazing world of women.

And to the gentlemen reading, here is a peak behind the curtain 😉