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Dawn was helpful when I needed someone to talk to through a difficult time in my life. She listened and understood me, allowing me to be open with my feelings without prejudice. I followed with her suggestions and was amazed at her insight. Through her coaching and advice, I was able to become grounded and confident in my own abilities again, and to move forward with my life in a positive manner. I will always be grateful for our sessions!"



Whether you want to focus on self-care or your relationship (or both, because frankly self-care is key to a successful relationship), we have intensive couples retreats tailored just for you.

Setting the Scene...

About 90 miles from the fast-paced streets of Miami lies the beachside town of Key Largo—where bare feet are welcomed everywhere and palm fronds are happily overgrown. This spot also happens to be Dawn’s hometown and the site for all of her engaging couples retreats intensive programs.

When One Hour Isn’t Enough...

Claim the time you need.

Thoughtful therapy is deeply rooted in Dawn’s ethos and implemented throughout her practice. As a continuation of that healing process, she has devised alternative methods of programming custom designed to suite her clients’ unique needs. First up is one-day intensive programming for individuals on a journey of self-care and healing. A one-day intensive provides an opportunity for an individual to take their traditional therapy sessions to the next level. Instead of  in-office sessions constrained to one hour, a one-day intensive offers the chance to dive deeper, to experience concentrated, targeted therapy, and to get to the root of your struggles so that healing can begin in a way that can’t be done in a regular one-hour session or even with week-long breaks in between multiple sessions.

So what does the day look like for a one-day intensive? While each intensive is tailored and crafted for the individual’s needs a bit differently, you can expect to experience nature and activity-based strategies. Think private yoga sessions, guided meditation, outdoor activities, EMDR therapy, and more. There’s something about being in a fresh environment and away from your normal routine that can transform your mindset. A full day with Dawn is certainly good for the soul and a perfect way to kickstart, support, and propel your healing process.

Couples Who Heal Together Stay Together...

Choose healing

The intention for two-day couple intensives is aimed toward resetting and strengthening the relationship’s foundation. When entering into this experience, both individuals should be completely committed and willing to learn (and unlearn) whatever is necessary to have a healthy relationship. The program includes a finely tuned experience intended to immediately address individual and relationship issues in a serene, supportive and safe environment.

So what does the retreat look like? While each couples retreat is tailored and crafted for the relationship’s needs a bit differently, you can expect the same kind of nature and activity-based engagement as the individual intensives:

Private yoga sessions, guided meditation, outdoor activities, EMDR therapy, and more, as a way to help you identify your personal struggles that are hindering your relationship, a way for you to reconnect with yourselves and each other, and shift toward a successful relationship and marriage.

The retreat is preceded by a thorough intake process that includes a comprehensive self-evaluation and one virtual session. This enables Dawn to have a full grasp and understanding of the specific issues at hand and the work that needs to be done during these concentrated two days.

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