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two women playing in the mud, symbolizing the success you can gain through couples therapy Boca Raton FLIf you are in a romantic relationship of any kind and find yourself struggling, this web page is exactly where you need to be. You don’t have to be married to benefit from couples therapy in Boca Raton.

Whether you are considering marriage or not, couples therapy is your place to find feedback, support, tools and the guidance to make changes that will create a stable relationship. Conflict isn’t a reason to lose hope – a lack of action towards change is a reason to lose hope. You may love each other and desperately want things to get better but wishing doesn’t equal change.

Our couples therapy in Boca Raton can create the conditions for you and your partner to love and feel loved. Most conflict comes from a lack of willingness to be vulnerable, admit you are at fault, apologize, be honest, show compassion, be empathetic, listen and finally to commit to taking responsibility for changing these things about yourself. Many couples want me to tell their partner what they need to change and resist hearing feedback about their own issues.

Some of the most common couples therapy issues I experience in Boca Raton are those that have been divorced and are now struggling with dating and/or co-parenting. I also frequently work with engaged couples, new couples and same sex couples. Boca Raton places high value on success, image and prestige; which can create even more pressure to appear perfect to your partner instead of human.


Some of the reasons you may call me to schedule a session for couples therapy in Boca Raton or per video chat are:

  • You have a difficult time trusting your partner
  • You struggle with rejection from your partner
  • You struggle to feel understood by your partner
  • There is something you want to share or be honest about but you are afraid of your partners reaction
  • You love her and you want to be with her but you have reservations about staying together.
  • You have been together for years but are not sure if he is the right guy.
  • You bicker or argue, want more sex, or dislike each other’s families.

If you are ready to address these issues, if you are ready to work on changing them, it’s time to call me.

I can and will recommend things like self help books, communication exercises and relaxation skills, however these are rarely sufficient in themselves to solve your problems. I will help you identify distorted perceptions, I will help you to take risks, I will help you to find your own truth and effective ways to express it. I will give you no bullshit feedback that is based in my training and expertise and perhaps more importantly based in my own path towards healing. If you are ready to change, I am ready to lead you through it.

Change will happen with willingness and commitment. You will feel secure, loved, understood and clear about what you want in your relationship.

I am a collaborative divorce attorney and family mediator who helps couples through separation and divorce. All of my work is out-of-court and I am always seeking new ways of maintaining the peaceful and effective focus of my work with the goal of facilitating resolution of all issues for couples and families. So a few months ago, when I called upon Dawn, it was with the hope that she could play a critical role in assisting me in a particular divorce mediation I was handling. The mediation was in danger of impasse if I could not find a way to deal with the concern that the Husband/Father may have had a substance abuse addiction and if so, how we would address co-parenting arrangements. I am not an expert on the subject, but I knew that Dawn was. She is not only an expert in terms of marital relationships but also has an extremely strong background in and experience with addiction, so I thought she might be a wonderful resource – and I was 100% correct. She helped the couple and by extension, me, to process and analyze the situation and work out an appropriate time-sharing plan. She was effective, confident and extremely professional. I would use her services again without hesitation!!

“We truly believe that we would not be together today if it weren't for Dawn. We knew we loved each other, and wanted to remain together, but we needed someone to help us work through some of our issues. Dawn carefully navigated our concerns, and helped us grow closer together. Some sessions would begin with us as far apart as we could get, both physically and emotionally, but they always ended with us cuddled up together or holding hands. We owe the honest, committed, and loving relationship we have today to Dawn. There isn't a doubt in our minds.”

Face Your Fears and Get the Support You Need

If I have spoken to you in any way, please contact our Boca Raton marriage counseling, family, and couples therapy office at (561) 221-5575 to book your couples therapy session in Boca Raton or per video chat immediately.

Ask questions, explore your options for healing!

It gets better…you just have to choose it.


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