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Healing through self-awareness and connection

Dawn's professionalism, warmth and empathy immediately put me at ease. She brings strong experience and a passionate dedication to healing in her practice."


Let's Get Real...

For The Couple That Wants To Stay Coupled ...

So many couples turn to marriage counseling as a last resort to save their marriage. Or what’s more, after they’ve already made the decision to separate. They’re either going through the motions to say they’ve tried everything or they want help in uncoupling. Maybe you’re feeling disconnected. Maybe you’re experiencing intense conflict. Or not speaking to each other. Or suspecting an affair. Or having an affair. Or feeling ignored. Or doing the ignoring. Or maybe you’re not sexually satisfied, or you’re unable to perform, or you’re not having sex at all. And you’re blaming the other person through it all, so you think, marriage counseling.

But here’s the thing: Hail Marys aren’t for marriage. Hail Marys are for prayer and football.

On the contrary, if more couples sought therapy before these symptoms surfaced, before the marriage fell apart, even before they got married (yes, you read that right), the divorce rate would plummet.

Doing your due diligence and the work that goes into a successful, enduring relationship long before you’ve reached the point of desperation can be the best time to dig deep and truly grow with each other. But that is not psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is healing through self-awareness and self-discovery. And couldn’t we all use a little of that? In today’s climate as mental health has become more and more a part of our societal and political culture and conversation, it’s more important than ever to define psychotherapy for the masses, remove the stigma surrounding it, and open our minds to the possibilities and healing nature that comes with change.

On A Personal Note...

a message from dawn

For The Couple That Wants To Stay Coupled ...

I’ll never forget when I sat on my sofa after my divorce and had that oh-shit moment of when is my life going to start again? That debilitating realization that everything was different and the only sure thing moving forward was uncertainty. I was scared. And the idea and concept of marriage suddenly eluded me. It wasn’t until I personally went through the process of learning and unlearning my own behaviors that were blocking me that I began to see marriage in a new light.  

My second marriage has been incredible because it has oodles of acceptance and love. It’s exactly what the word marriage means: Two people collaborating. And that can mean a lot of things. For some, it means a business arrangement; for others, it’s creating tiny humans; and for others still, it might be living a dream together. But marriage—the definition of it—is two things coming together.

I can honestly say I love my current collab. It’s intoxicating. And not because it’s what I would have historically considered perfect. My husband is agnostic, yet I’m deeply spiritual. He’s taken four college classes in his life, and I consider myself an academic. He had a unibrow until we got married, and I get botox. But there’s nothing that we wouldn’t do for each other. Well, he doesn’t like feet, so he would only really touch my feet in an emergency. But we’re two people who have been to hell and back, separately and together, and have developed a deep understanding of what it means to not sweat the small stuff. We’ve really come to comprehend that life is so much more than the bullshit we tend to think it is. In truth, it’s about living in gratitude and appreciation. His unending desire to love me well makes me want to love him well. And that just results in a continuous cycle of love and support, and that’s the best feeling in the world. I’m thankful every day that I stared back at uncertainty and faced it rather than succumbing to the fear.


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