How to Compromise in a Relationship – 7 Things to Consider

How to Compromise in a Relationship – 7 Things to Consider

I didn’t know how to compromise in a relationship and it led to divorce. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the only thing that contributed to the demise of my first marriage. But, it was a big part of it. I have since learned how important true partnership is. In my current marriage, we prioritize collaboration so both of us feel loved and valued. Allow me to share an example … (more…)

How to Tell if You are Falling Out of Love

An image of a couple holding hands whose reflection is getting lost in a puddle, falling out of loveYou want to know how to tell if you are falling out of love. I get it. I’ve been divorced and remarried and the divorce part sucked. Part of my healing journey was to figure out how we fell out of love. I wanted to prevent it from happening in my next relationship! Most of us want our relationships to be ‘forever’. But maintaining forever can be pretty challenging. (more…)

How to Bring Intimacy Back Into a Relationship

Young woman lies on a bed and smiles seductively with her hair about her face how to bring intimacy back into a relationshipYou want to know how to bring intimacy back into a relationship, and you’ve figured out that it can be hard. You’ve already beat yourself up about waiting too long to work on it. You feel overwhelmed, hurt and angry that your partner isn’t as motivated as you are. You are looking for answers and tools that will give you some hope; because you don’t want to give up. I am going to teach you a specific thing you are doing that interrupts intimacy and some things you can do to improve it.   (more…)

How to Get Over Infidelity Pain – Accepting the Unacceptable

woman holding her hands, she is wearing a diamond ring, how to get over infidelity pain, accepting the unacceptableYou have been trying to figure out how to get over infidelity pain and just can’t find relief. The feelings of betrayal and disgust are overwhelming. The mere idea that you are in pain and can’t make it stop adds to your rage. You carry the fear that it’s was all for nothing, and that you are helpless to create a change. (more…)

What It Takes to Be Vulnerable in a Relationship

Being vulnerable in a relationship brings out a couple’s true essence. A couple who invests in individual and collaborative vulnerability is exponentially more likely to beat the odds. I recently spoke with Mike Allebach, a photographer from PA. He specializes in boudoir photography; a unique way to express vulnerability in a relationship! I was excited to connect with him because I believe he has something special to offer couples and relationships. He also has the great honor of witnessing and capturing vulnerability and connection in his work.  (more…)