Do you have Fear of the Unknown?

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fear of the unknown, fear of unknownI have been working on getting comfortable with my fear of the unknown.  There was a period of time in my life when it seemed like everything was constantly changing.

I wanted to understand more about how to deal with uncertainty and change.

As I began paying closer attention to my clients that were experiencing extreme uncertainty.  I also reflected on times that I have felt unsure. I listened more closely to loved ones who expressed fear of the unknown.

To relieve uncertainty in the midst of change, our brain relies on what it knows – whether the intel is reliable or not.

To learn more about how you can deal with the fear of the unknown,
you can watch this short video or read our blog post below.

How Does The Fear Of The Unknown Affect Your Life?

Our mind uses past experiences, our beliefs, current information and sensory data to make predictions about possible outcomes.

It does this because fear of the unknown produces one of the highest levels of emotional discomfort.  The irony is that uncertainty also provides one of the greatest potentials for personal growth. 

orange heart with lettering have problems, click me to receive a love newsletterThis is an opportunity to stretch ourselves and learn a new behavior and create positive change.

Check yourself!

When you experience fear of the unknown do you predict negative or positive outcomes? 

If you are anything like me, a large part of the intel you use to predict the future is actually not reliable data.  It is often based on assumptions, mind reading, hearsay and other peoples experiences.

Four Effective Ways to Deal With Fear of the Unknown

There are more effective ways…

  1. Identify the specific stressor and decide if there are any action steps that can be taken. This may include asking for help, making a plan or choosing to let go.
  2. Face your issue – don’t avoid it. We often create a larger problem in our minds. Once we face it and talk about it we may realize it isn’t as troublesome as anticipated or predicted
  3. Take care of yourself.  Uncertainty produces stress, so self-care is key.  Know when you are at your limit and need a time out, a hug or to talk to someone!
  4. Practice being at peace despite your fear. Find a way to breathe through the discomfort. In the beginning, you may only find relief for brief moments. Over time, with practice, you will get more comfortable. Letting go is a process that typically requires practice. Life is full of uncertainty. Make a decision to embrace the adventure!

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