EMDR Counseling

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing


Perseverance and hope is what I truly believe led my husband and I to Dawn Wiggins our Family Therapist. Dawn has the understanding and knowledge we were looking for. Day by day we too are receiving tools on how to cope. After all addiction is a family illness.


EMDR Therapy 

The most powerful technique I've ever seen

This powerful and well researched approach provides resolution for old painful or traumatic memories and experiences. It also treats a whole host of well known struggles such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks and addiction. I also use it to treat complex trauma and dissociation, attachment injury and personality disorders.

EMDR is used in conjunction with other treatment approaches such as visualization, inner child, and mindfulness. It doesn’t replace traditional talk therapy, it is well integrated into a traditional therapy format. The length of treatment depends on the severity of the problem however one productive EMDR session has the ability to accomplish what years of therapy may never resolve.

I’ve never felt so strongly about a treatment approach as I do about EMDR. This is a result of the mind-blowing results my client's experience as well as the results I have personally experienced. Keep in mind that when therapists learn new skills, we practice on each other. I have been a true believer since my first EMDR training.

I offer EMDR in individual and couples counseling both in office and virtually. I utilize it in intensive workshops and in couples retreats.

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