Fighting for Your Marriage: I Stormed Off Heading for the Parking Lot …

a couple outside, staying in front of each other, are you fighting for your marriage, I do every dayAre you fighting for your marriage? I do every day. Here is a glimpse into my marriage last weekend: It was a typical Saturday grocery run. The fam and I had wandered every aisle and were ready to check out. We picked aisle 6, patiently waiting behind another shopper before unloading our cart onto the conveyor belt. I proceeded to get lost in thought (a common occurrence) while reading magazine covers. I looked up and suddenly realized my people were no longer with me, and some strange lady was looking at me like, yo, are you going to move? (more…)

How to Empower Others – A Day in the Life of a Therapist

open book where two pages shape a heart, symbolizing how to empower othersHow to empower others? People often ask my husband what it’s like to live with and be married to a therapist. His typical response is “we talk a lot.” I used to get pretty touchy about it. Always afraid that people would think I’m analyzing them. It makes some people really uncomfortable. The truth is, I am analyzing most of the time. I have come to accept that this is part of being in a relationship with me. What people come to learn is that while I am analyzing, I’m rarely judging. That being said, most experiences turn into scientific observations, teaching opportunities or thoughtful philosophical dialogue. (more…)

Dawn’s Mompreneur Mini Sabbatical: Self Care Stay-Cation

Couple on beach enjoying a stay-cation, Dawn's Mompreneur Mini Sabbatical: Self Care Stay-CationAre you a mompreneur who has taken a mini-sabbatical? Me either. But, it was time for me to practice some radical self-care. It’s been a big year for our family. In the last 12 months, we moved, I opened a new office location, my husband started a new career, we sustained a category five hurricane, our kid started Montessori school. You know… just a few things.


Habitual Behaviors: My Partner Is an Addict

person sitting on the floor, with hands in front of her face, habitual behaviorsAnonymous guest post from one of my psychotherapy clients: Do you have habitual behaviors? My husband does. And I realize, I do too. Most days he’s not even ashamed of it.

He wears “Keys Disease” (aka an alcoholic under the guise of “laid back”) like a badge of honor. My husband is a chronic alcohol and drug user.

And, frequently puts his wants before his family’s needs. (more…)