The Pain of Feeling Alone in a Relationship

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Young couple standing with their backs together peering in opposite ways, learn more about the pain of feeling alone in a relationshipFeeling alone in a relationship is the worst type of aloneness. It's the ultimate expression of feeling invisible, unworthy and unwanted. Its hallmarks are desperate attempts to connect, silent sobs while laying beside your "partner" and endless questioning of "why am I not enough".


Are You Feeling Alone in a Relationship?

I was thinking of the pain you are feeling today.

And, I want you to know, even though you are feeling alone in a relationship; you inspire me.

Let me explain.

You Feel Harshly Judged and Not Good Enough

There may be days when you feel harshly judged and not good enough. On those days, I am your biggest fan.

Judgment is the furthest thing from my mind, and, I am celebrating you.


Because it's hard to get up when you feel defeated.

You Are Beating Yourself Up

It is especially challenging if you're beating yourself up for being in this relationship.

When you're busy feeling like you've disappointed someone, I'm over here cheering for you!

It's in these tough moments we get to make big choices.

You Blame Someone Else for Your Situation

  • Will you criticize yourself, or have patience with yourself?
  • Will you focus on and blame someone else or find an empowered way to move forward?

Each time you become aware you have a choice is fantastic.

And if you miss it this time, don't worry, you will get another chance.


Life Will Give You as Many Opportunities to Learn as Needed

That is how life works.

Life was never meant to be pain-free.

Keeping Your Shit Together

I know how hard you are working to get and keep your shit together.

This journey on planet Earth is daunting. Each time you think you've got a win under your belt, something comes along to try and snatch it away.


I See You

I see you. I see your strength. Your resilience is obvious. Your heart is huge, and I want you to keep it open!

Even when you are feeling alone in a relationship, I want you to know that I think of you often.

Literally, you!

I spend my days imagining what you may be struggling with and contemplating how to support and inspire you.

So don't let those scary, lying thoughts take over. You're never alone. Someone like me is always thinking of you and desperately wanting the best for you.


What You Can Do When You are Feeling Alone in a Relationship

You may be confused about what to do.

It can feel impossible to decide if staying in this relationship is best for you.

I assure you there is an answer.

If you stay open to learning, exploring and growing your self-worth, your next steps will become clear.

There is no shame in asking for help either. It's impossible to know everything and there are experts like me who are just waiting to nurture and support you.

So, thank you.

Thank you for inspiring me with your willingness to stay in the game. To grow and learn. To rise strong.

It's easy to inspire people when you're on top.

Know that I am most inspired by you when you take your first step. It's indeed my honor to be on this journey with you.

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