How to Get Over Infidelity Pain – Accepting the Unacceptable

woman holding her hands, she is wearing a diamond ring, how to get over infidelity pain, accepting the unacceptableYou have been trying to figure out how to get over infidelity pain and just can’t find relief. The feelings of betrayal and disgust are overwhelming. The mere idea that you are in pain and can’t make it stop adds to your rage. You carry the fear that it’s was all for nothing, and that you are helpless to create a change. (more…)

When Family Hurts: 5 Ways to Improve Family Relationships

 parents fighting, child closes her ears with her hands, representing the topic when family hurts and 5 ways to improve family relationshipsI spent too many years hoping that my loved ones would acknowledge my pain and own their part. I have since learned that even receiving an apology is not enough to release the hurt.

To release hurt we have to let go of the need for the past or the present to be different.

If you can focus on these 5 things, you will experience more peace in your family relationships.



How to Create a Positive Feedback Loop: What Happened When I Touched Somebody’s Pants …

A young female artist on a ladder is creating a beautiful loop mural on a wall, how to create a positive feedback loopHow to create a positive feedback loop is what I teach my clients in couples therapy or marriage counseling sessions at our Key Largo and Boca Raton offices. I didn’t expect I would get a reminder about the importance of using a positive feedback loop! But read my story here: Last week, I took a much needed holiday. I completely disconnected from life at home and work for a week. It was a fabulous opportunity to recharge, practice radical self care, connect with self and family. But, this isn’t a story about self care. Its a story about relationships. (more…)

How to Heal from a Divorce You Didn’t Want

Sad lady looking at her wedding band after an unwanted divorceSo you got divorced. Are you wondering how to heal from a divorce you didn’t want? It sucked. More than anything. Ever. I mean “What The H*!!”. You spent the majority of your adult life trying to make this marriage thing work. You put up with crap you didn’t love, but it was worth it to you. Having a family, a person and a life together mattered to you. And then, you got the news.