How to Deal with Infidelity in a Marriage: Marriage Counseling Client Example

a husband with a lipstick mark on his shirt, how to deal with infidelity in a marriageHow to deal with infidelity in a marriage?
She had an affair. The husband called me desperate for help saving his marriage. They have children together.
He didn’t want to tear up his family. He felt completely out of control, grief-stricken and didn’t know what to believe.
She swore it wasn’t physical, but he just couldn’t accept that idea.

How to Deal with Infidelity in a Relationship When You Feel Scared, Overwhelmed and Judged

We spoke on the phone for quite a while. I knew he was scared and overwhelmed. I scheduled their initial couples counseling appointment and assured him there was a solution.


Choosing Love over Hate, Anger, Frustration and Depression

face of a woman in front of a city silhouette, choosing love in a troubled worldAre you choosing love? The world has problems. Biiiiig ones. Problems which seem impossible to scale. Gun violence, racism, sexual assault, climate change, bigotry, hate crimes, untreated mental health, tribalism, a culture of judgement and entitlement.

Love is patient.

Love is kind.

It is not envy. It is not boast.

Love is …


4 Ways Peaceful Protest Can Improve Your Self Worth

people demonstrating, one person holds a NO sign up, 4 ways peaceful protest can improve your self worthI am very conscious that standing up or standing out in protest is often dangerous and scary. There seems to be more evidence than ever.

This week we have watched the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, VA. She took a stand and died. We have seen Google and GoDaddy refuse to host the alt-right neo Nazi site Daily Stormer.

These tech companies took a stand at the risk of violating the constitutional right to free speech.  



Number #1 Happiness Killer: Stress – How to Use the Serenity Prayer to Find Stress Relief

image of girl in front of sun set, displaying the serenity prayer, symbolizing the happiness killer number one and how to practice stress reliefYou have too much stress. You don’t want to adult anymore. Maybe you feel like you CAN’T adult anymore. Too many things have pressed down on you.

You can’t catch your breath or a break. You just want to be happy.

It’s a great idea but how are you going to do it? How are you going to find the sweet release of happiness?

How Do You Eliminate Your Stress?

Perhaps some of the solutions feel out of reach or like they will take too long. I have solutions for you. They require an open and flexible mind.


Forgiving Someone You Hate

two goats fighting with each other, symbolizing the challenge of forgiving someone you hateForgiving someone you hate is hard. Most people don’t enjoy the feeling of hatred.  It’s an intense feeling and a burden to carry. Hatred usually develops following severe or repetitive perception of betrayal. These days, a lot of people express hatred towards members of government.

I am frequently asked about forgiveness. People usually feel it’s a beautiful idea, but don’t know how.