Free Webinar “Divorce Recovery”

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On this Training You’re Going To  Discover…

  • How to dig out of heartbreak hole and step onto a path of reclaiming your happiness
  • The most important things you need to do now to start overcoming the shame and guilt of divorce
  • #1 reason why over 60% of divorced people are likely to divorce again
  • How to embrace who you really are and stop adjusting your life to gain approval from others
  • Immediate solutions to get you on your way to feeling like you can be your authentic self and reclaim your identity
  • PLUS, a simple exercise we will practice LIVE on the call which will momentarily change your focus from negative to positive thinking!

Meet your presenter!

Dawn Wiggins

I am the founder and owner of Dawn Wiggins Therapy. I first knew I wanted to be a therapist at the age of 12. That’s when my parents first separated.

They didn’t include me in therapy. I just played jr. therapist for both of them. I focused more on trying to keep the peace than my development.

My experiences led me out into the world without tools to make good relationship choices. And very soon I found myself 30 years old, lost and anxious about life.