How to Get Over Infidelity Pain – Accepting the Unacceptable

woman holding her hands, she is wearing a diamond ring, how to get over infidelity pain, accepting the unacceptableYou have been trying to figure out how to get over infidelity pain and just can’t find relief. The feelings of betrayal and disgust are overwhelming. The mere idea that you are in pain and can’t make it stop adds to your rage. You carry the fear that it’s was all for nothing, and that you are helpless to create a change. (more…)

How to Heal from a Divorce You Didn’t Want

Sad lady looking at her wedding band after an unwanted divorceSo you got divorced. Are you wondering how to heal from a divorce you didn’t want? It sucked. More than anything. Ever. I mean “What The H*!!”. You spent the majority of your adult life trying to make this marriage thing work. You put up with crap you didn’t love, but it was worth it to you. Having a family, a person and a life together mattered to you. And then, you got the news.

Coping with PTSD After a Natural Disaster

sail boats destroyed in the pier after hurricane Irma, coping with PTSD after a natural disasterCoping with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) after a catastrophic event: Having recently experienced hurricane Irma in the Florida Keys, I have a new vantage point on PTSD ((post-traumatic stress disorder) and natural disasters. I watched our community live in fear of Irma’s destruction in the days leading up to her arrival. We personified her – making her a target for our painful feelings. This was one way to cope with the powerlessness.

There were tears as people packed up and said goodbye to their homes. Children were asked to select their most cherished items. Many evacuated, some stayed.


Losing A Pet – I Feel Sad and Sometimes I Feel Happy, And, I Will Be OK

losing a petIt was Saturday. A fairly normal Saturday. Losing a pet was not part of the plan. My hubby went to work, our daughter took a nap and I wrote a blog post. On this day the blog topic was about our dog Max and that she always asked for what she wanted..

Later in the evening, we had dinner, put Grace to bed and watched Netflix. Around 10 pm the hubby took Max for her last walk. They got back and Max had her cookies. She put herself to bed in the corner of our bedroom. I was scrolling through Facebook when I heard an unsettling sound from Max’s corner.


The Exquisite Pain of Grief and Loss

Grief and LossThe pain of losing someone or something you love can be debilitating. Some of you have lost precious relationships from death or divorce while others have lost health or independence. It’s amazing how long pain can linger, sometimes with no clear path to relief.

We have all experienced grief and loss, it is an inevitable part of life. Unfortunately, learning to “let go” with ease isn’t an automatic lesson.

The more attached we become, the harder it is to part ways.