5 Ways To Practice Mindfulness And Gratitude This Thanksgiving – Originally Published on Zeel

5 Ways To Practice Mindfulness And Gratitude This Thanksgiving – Originally Published on Zeel

We’ve all been there. You’ve adjusted your diet and exercise all week to allow for a second helping of turkey and sweet potato pie. You’ve tied up loose ends at work (and the rest can wait until Monday). The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has transitioned into your favorite football rivalry. You’re happy to be reunited with your family and you’re ready to dig in to the meal you’ve toiled over cooking the entire previous day. And suddenly it happens: “Surprised your job search is taking so long given the economy.” “How’s Bob/Susan/Steve (three years after you broke up)?” (more…)

I Hate New Year’s Resolutions

chalk board with new year's resolutions drawn on itI hate New Year’s resolutions!!! I can’t be alone in this.  Personally, I don’t like taking on anything that leaves me feeling like I can fail, did fail, or like I let myself or someone else down.  It’s not that I dislike commitment to change; it’s the nature of New Year’s resolutions that are unappealing to me.

The origin of New Year’s resolutions is primarily rooted in religion dating back centuries.  The research on the success rate of resolutions is that 88% fail.  This is largely because we have unrealistic goals, don’t track our progress and eventually forget about it all together.   (more…)

How To Overcome Holiday Stress – Helpful Hints

father, son, and mother, smiling in the camera, symbolizing how to overcome holiday stressDo you want to learn how to overcome holiday stress? Often when we think of the holidays, we dream about a lavish family meal, finding the perfect gift and indulging in gingerbread lattes from Starbucks. But then we find reality is far from our fantasy.

As the celebration approaches, we remember half the family doesn’t get along, there isn’t enough money for that perfect gift and tummies don’t agree those lattes. (more…)