How To Find Love

3 Minutes Read People often ask me, “How did you meet your husband”? I think what they are truly asking is “How did you find love”? The answer most people expect is: I met him in high school. The truth is that I met him in healing.  I had to learn how to find love before we would marry 17 years later. My …


5 Things You Need to Know About Feelings

3 Minutes Read Are your feelings overwhelming or absent? I can relate to both circumstances. When I was born, my emotional process functioned the way you would imagine. I smiled when happy, cried when upset, etc. Over time, my feelings were dismissed so I learned a fabulous coping system (this is sarcasm) that blocked feelings. I began to dismiss my own …

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When Life Deals You A Difficult Hand

4 Minutes Read Inspiration Comes In Many Forms I want to introduce you to Jolyn. She is one of my inspirations (without even knowing it). She is a reminder of what it means to never give up, even when life seems impossible. I have known Jolyn for many years now. She knows all too well that she is …

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Why Do People Lie?

4 Minutes Read Do you ever wonder why do people lie? In my teens, I had a short career in shoplifting. Shocking I know.  Thank God I got caught, paid my debt to the retailer as well as society and didn’t end up living out a life of crime. I was ashamed at first, but today I think …

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