Hot Mess Alert – Yes, That’s Me Today!

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frustrated woman straightens her hair while she gathers herself for her next task, hot mess alert, yes, that's me todayYup, that’s me today. A frigging hot mess. It feels like every part of my life is pressing in on me. I’m (*mostly) holding it together for the world, but, inside it’s chaos.

Feeling Like a Hot Mess – I Am Leaving …

At this moment, while writing this, I feel like throwing the laptop and hauling ass to another country.

So, yeah. This is life.

Even when we heal, we still have really rough days.

The Difference Between My Hot Mess Feeling Today and 10 Years Ago is:

  • I can admit this to each of you.
  • Today, I have an amazing support system, in my personal and my business life.
  • My life is in order and has a strong foundation of self-care.
  • I’m willing to own my part.
  • I will totally ask for help.
  • I am 100% confident this will pass.
  • Most of it is exhaustion and the feelings are just echoes of the past.
  • I know I am OK.
  • I feel like it perhaps just at this moment but I am NOT helpless.
  • 100% know there are solutions.
  • Some of the solutions may require a shit ton of patience and time.

I didn’t actually yell at anyone. Not my kid, not my husband, not myself (Well maybe a little in my mind).

[bctt tweet="I know I am OK."]

I will dig deep, tackle this mess with confidence and grow further

So, here I am, stripped down and vulnerable.

I have shitty days and I didn’t feel like sending you rainbows and sunshine.

Thanks for totally getting me xoxo

I actually feel a tiny bit better after writing this.

So, thanks again for being part of my journey and my process. And, if you feel in the same way as I did in this moment and need help, just reach out to me. I am here for you!

“The opposite of hot mess is cold, predictable and tidy. That’s not where your magic lives. Be brave and choose the mess.” ~Mel Charbonneau

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