How To Overcome Holiday Stress – Helpful Hints

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father, son, and mother, smiling in the camera, symbolizing how to overcome holiday stressDo you want to learn how to overcome holiday stress? Often when we think of the holidays, we dream about a lavish family meal, finding the perfect gift and indulging in gingerbread lattes from Starbucks. But then we find reality is far from our fantasy.

As the celebration approaches, we remember half the family doesn’t get along, there isn’t enough money for that perfect gift and tummies don’t agree those lattes.

Before we know it, we’re dreading the season. Don’t panic. There are helpful holiday hints to deal with the stressors of family, money and time.

Three Powerful Hints To Overcome Holiday Stress

First, do a check in.

What are your expectations of yourself and others during this fun yet hectic time?  We tend to compare our situation to others causing our self-judgment to rear its ugly head.  This is dangerous territory because it leads to resentment and hurt feelings.  Try going easy on yourself and your loved ones and perhaps a simple shift in attitude can create a little holiday cheer.

Second holiday hint:

When it comes to money, it’s best to be realistic. Budget yourself. I know, it’s not a popular word, but it works.  Planning your holiday budget will reduce overall stress and pressure.  It is so common for us to overindulge during the season when it comes to finances or food.  Know your thinking errors (ways you justify, rationalize, etc.) and be prepared to combat them.

The third holiday hint that will reduce your stress is to stay in the moment.

When we are fully present we tend to be more satisfied with what we have, make sound decisions and enjoy things we may not have noticed otherwise.  During this time, it is so easy to become overwhelmed, overscheduled and distracted.  Ask yourself, “Am I breathing?”  Bring our focus back to the present and taking deep breaths reduces stress, creates greater focus and mental clarity.

Getting in touch with our feelings, allows us to get in touch with the people you love.  And really, isn’t love what the holidays are all about?

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