How to Think Positive Thoughts When You Are Down

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bubbles with green background, how to think positive thoughts when you are downAre you wondering how to think positive thoughts when you are down? Its flu season and it seems like everyone is fighting something. The idea of spreading germs got me thinking about contagion. Viruses are contagious. But so are yawns and laughter.

4 Proven Ways on How to Think Positive Thoughts

1. Control Your Mind By Pretending You Are …

Want to try something fun?

Start laughing hysterically right now.

Do it! Just burst out laughing. Don’t worry; I’m doing it with you.

How did that feel? If you didn’t do it, it’s not too late to try!

Our Minds and Bodies Don’t Know The Difference

The science tells us that our minds and bodies don’t know the difference between authentic laughter or manufactured giggles. You get the benefits either way!

2. Don’t Let Your Fear Take Over But Focus On The Outcome You Want

All day long we are susceptible to influences in our minds as well as things we observe around us.

Fear is one of the most dangerous contagions. Worse than the flu!

It takes hold and convinces you that everything is a threat.

Media marketers live to convince you that you don’t have what you need.

Counting on your fear of being left out to cinch their sale.

3. Catch, Then Spread Joy!

What about joy and gratitude? They are totally contagious.

I love catching Joy!

One of my coworkers has been very inspirational this week. I found his enthusiasm and optimism so refreshing in contrast to my general feeling of exhaustion.

This weeks goal: spread joy. The more I spread, the better I feel. And, the better you feel!

Sure, its tricky to be joyful all the time. But, the more we do it, the easier it is.

4. Remind Yourself Of Your Blessings

When I’m cranky, I focus on the positives to adjust my mindset.

  • When things aren’t going the way I want at work, I remind my self how blessed I am to have a career I love.
  • When my kid isn’t listening, I remind myself how fortunate I am to be a mom.
  • When I feel tired or sad or frightened, I remind myself that I have choices.

I can focus on the pain or adjust and think about chocolate or macaroni and cheese…hmmm I must be hungry right now :).

So if I see you around this week, (virtually or otherwise) lets grin at each other and see how we can improve the health of the world and focus on thinking positive thoughts!

Do you want to learn how to think positive thoughts? I am here to help you! I can be reached in my Boca Raton or Key Largo therapy offices at (561) 221-5575. If it’s easier, fill out my on the house consult form. We will get your telephone or virtual video consult scheduled asap. From there we will find your win-win solution!

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