I Surrender: Expressions from My Heart

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blonde woman laying on an old sofa, looking into the camera, I surrenderI want to feel loved, wanted, needed and desired. Completely accepted and valued without condition. I want to live in the bliss of constant adoration. I want to be repeatedly told what I am good at, not criticized for my failings. It seems I have been strong for too long. Instead, I surrender and fold into the warmth of your embrace. I want to let go of defending, protecting and hiding. The call of wild, unadulterated freedom is calling to me. A place where I can live in the full expression of who I am. The refusal of being ruled by shame, embarrassment, and fear.

As I imagine this way of beauty, I wonder, is there a place where we can be this way together.

  • Does this place exist outside of my mind?
  • Can we build this place on this earth?

Then I realize, even if you accept and love me wholly, I will still sit in judgment of myself.

The voice that says: I didn’t do enough, I am not good enough, and my body displeases me.

Somedays it whispers, somedays it screams.

This incessant nagging that I struggle to rid myself of. A voice I run from but from which I cannot sufficiently hide.

I Surrender to Find Peace

A real peace that does not lean on the unsatisfying yet powerful offerings of GoogleYouTube, and Instagram.

It dawns on me that I have to stop believing the lies.

I have to unplug from the Matrix. I have to see I already have and already am everything I need.

And, so are you.

We live in our own self-enforced cages of expectation, comparison, and guilt.

To truly live, we must shrug off the shackles of blame and judgment.

We must be willing to see only our magnificence. I must admire the brilliance of my human body and acknowledge my investment in a culture that seeks to destroy it.

  • To feel the soul expanding, mind-blowing love and acceptance I crave, I must be willing to offer it to you and to me.
  • I must finally understand that radical acceptance is the key to freedom.

That in this now moment, there can be nothing wrong, no matter how wrong it may seem.

Photo Credit: Allebach Photography

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