blonde woman laying on an old sofa, looking into the camera, I surrenderI want to feel loved, wanted, needed and desired. Completely accepted and valued without condition. I want to live in the bliss of constant adoration. I want to be repeatedly told what I am good at, not criticized for my failings. It seems I have been strong for too long. Instead, I surrender and fold into the warmth of your embrace. I want to let go of defending, protecting and hiding. The call of wild, unadulterated freedom is calling to me. A place where I can live in the full expression of who I am. The refusal of being ruled by shame, embarrassment, and fear.

As I imagine this way of beauty, I wonder, is there a place where we can be this way together.

  • Does this place exist outside of my mind?
  • Can we build this place on this earth?

Then I realize, even if you accept and love me wholly, I will still sit in judgment of myself.

The voice that says: I didn’t do enough, I am not good enough, and my body displeases me.

Somedays it whispers, somedays it screams.

This incessant nagging that I struggle to rid myself of. A voice I run from but from which I cannot sufficiently hide.

I Surrender to Find Peace

A real peace that does not lean on the unsatisfying yet powerful offerings of GoogleYouTube, and Instagram.

It dawns on me that I have to stop believing the lies.

I have to unplug from the Matrix. I have to see I already have and already am everything I need.

And, so are you.

We live in our own self-enforced cages of expectation, comparison, and guilt.

To truly live, we must shrug off the shackles of blame and judgment.

We must be willing to see only our magnificence. I must admire the brilliance of my human body and acknowledge my investment in a culture that seeks to destroy it.

  • To feel the soul expanding, mind-blowing love and acceptance I crave, I must be willing to offer it to you and to me.
  • I must finally understand that radical acceptance is the key to freedom.

That in this now moment, there can be nothing wrong, no matter how wrong it may seem.

Photo Credit: Allebach Photography

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Dawn Wiggins
Dawn Wiggins is the founder and owner of Dawn Wiggins Therapy and Help Towards Hope. She knew she wanted to be a psychotherapist at the age of 12. Dawn is inspired to write about the things she experiences in her everyday life. She believes that her personal and professional experiences can help others overcome the same challenges. Her husband is her biggest fan and her go to editor-he is much better with grammar, punctuation and tenses!