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Improving Physical Intimacy – Treat Sex Like Your Skincare

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Improving Physical Intimacy – Treat Sex Like Your Skincare

I know, talking about sex and physical intimacy can be kinda embarrassing. But, I can’t see you, so you’re safe behind your digital screen! And, whether you’re single or coupled, It’s pretty essential to understand the functions of a healthy sexual relationship.

As a reminder, romantic physical intimacy is only one type of intimacy; there are eight other types of intimacy that I encourage you to explore (hint: you can find them on my blog HERE). They work well together and build on each other’s success.

Using all of them brings back intimacy in your relationship. Often, when one area of intimacy isn’t working very well in a relationship, the other different types of intimacy can sustain the relationship for some time. However, any kind of intimacy neglected for an extended period will cause a relationship to deteriorate.

Treat Physical Intimacy like Your Skincare Routine

I know it sounds silly, but I think approaching this subject with some humor makes it feel less daunting and less awkward.

Tbh, I thought of this comparison while scrolling through my Sephora app one day. It occurred to me that when we were younger, both sex and skincare didn’t require much to achieve a healthy glow. Today, things may look a bit different. Whether health concerns, waning interests or relationship troubles are affecting your sexual vibrancy; rest assured if you do nothing, things don’t become less droopy.

Read on to learn the steps I recommend to keep both a fresh face and fresh physical intimacy because I think you can kill two birds with one stone.

4 Key Steps to Keep Your Face and Body Fresh Through Physical Intimacy


When one day blurs into the next, we don’t always notice subtle changes taking place in our minds and bodies.

Suddenly you’re a few years down the road and lamenting how things have deteriorated. So spend a few moments honestly assessing any changes that have taken place within the realm of physical intimacy.

Are you more or less in tune with your body and your sexuality? If your answer is less than perhaps it’s time to get creative and revamp your approach.


Just like I was scrolling through Sephora curious about how to improve fine lines and dark circles; we need to stay curious about our sexual wellbeing. What worked for us years ago may no longer feel effective or inspiring.

That doesn’t mean it’s time to give up; it says it’s time to shake things up!

Perhaps you need a yoni egg, a new exercise program or the Mona Lisa procedure.

The point is to get curious, there is a lot out there, especially if you haven’t looked in a decade!


When it comes to the realm of physical intimacy, it takes heap tons of vulnerability to get outside your comfort zone. So you googled creative masturbation techniques or tantric meditations but now you need the courage to take action.

And like new skincare products, you won't know if they work for YOU until you try. Sure, reviews help, but you can't substitute for experience.


Nothing works forever. Because we are not static beings. We are continually changing day to day and year to year. So if you want to keep physical intimacy alive (or you at least understand it holds some importance), you have to stay engaged in this process.

And if you've noticed that the internal spark has extinguished, be extra patient because it may take more prototyping and effort. I promise that under that dull surface is your beautiful shining self. Let's exfoliate her.

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