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Dawn and Brian Wiggins getting married in the Keys, Islamorada Counseling and Marriage Therapy

Dawn and Brian Wiggins Wedding in the Keys Photo credit: Jannette De Llanos

Living in the Keys, permanent or as a snow bird, is a beautiful and unique opportunity. It’s slow pace, natural beauty and close knit community make it truly special. Some of the very best things about living here can also be the most trying. In the Keys, there are less resources, more isolation and less anonymity.

My choice to serve counseling and therapy clients in Islamorada comes from my belief that I can be a force of change. I want to support the change that promotes healing, freedom from shame and desperation.

Focusing on Healing and Freedom

I made the decision to become a psychotherapist in middle school at Key Largo School. I have deep roots in the Keys. My family lives here, my husband and I are natives and our closest friends have remained in the Keys. Our daughter loves the water just like we do.

Along with these roots come weeds.  

I know what if feels like to be under a microscope. I know the sensation of having nowhere to hide.

If you live in Islamorada and you are are struggling emotionally, as a parent, in your friendships or marriage – there is help.

If you find it challenging to find a safe place to share your feelings, thoughts and beliefs in Islamorada – I understand you. If you feel isolated, lonely or desperate there – I understand you.

If you are new to The Keys or spend winters here, I can help you with your transition.

I have been a local and I have been an outsider. I am available throughout the year via virtual therapy on I will support you in overcoming any barriers to your happiness or living a life that you love.

If you have ever considered individual counseling, marriage therapy or family therapy; make the call. Islamorada is only 20 minutes from my office in Key Largo.

I listen to you. I will protect your privacy. I answer your questions. If I can’t help you, I will help you find someone who can.

I offer evening and weekend appointments.

Dawn Wiggins, owner of Dawn Wiggins Therapy, Islamorada Counseling and Marriage Therapy

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