Let Go Of Fear: The 5 Steps To Letting Go Of Any Fears To Become Your Authentic Self

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woman who wants to let go of fear to become her authentic selfDo you want to let go of fear to live your life as your authentic self? Fear is the emotional response we have when we think about something from the past that was scary. Something we saw, heard or experienced ourselves or to someone else which elicited fear. Our mind tells us that scary thing will happen over and over again. We apply our belief about fearful outcomes to current or future endeavors and over time, without realizing it, we are being limited by our fear instead of being rational about our fear.

Fear is not a ‘bad’ emotion. All feelings have a purpose. Fear, if managed properly can help keep us safe. If left unchecked, fear can create a small, lonely existence where we no longer feel comfortable in being ourselves. If this applies to you, it’s time to take action to let go of fear and live your life being yourself!

Follow these 5 steps to let go of fear and you will become your authentic self, feeling more freedom and security.

Watch the video below to learn more about the five steps to let go of fear and become your authentic self or scroll down to read the highlights.

Step 1: Make the Decision and Identify Your Action Steps

  1. To truly change and grow, we must first make a decision. The more committed we are to our decision, the more likely we are to follow through when it gets hard.
  2. By identifying the specific action steps that we need to take, it makes beginning the process easier. Then take it one step at a time, identifying new steps as you go.
  3. A few examples of action steps would be: to identify the specific fears you want to release, identify if your fear is rational or out of control, develop a toolkit to keep you on track (books, meditation, affirmations, journaling, etc.).  and select a support team such as friends, a therapist, a spiritual leader or a coach to help you reach your goal.

Step 2: Identify the Limiting Beliefs Tempting You To Remain Fearful

  1. By exploring your limiting beliefs and how they were created, you can be more clear about letting them go.
  2. A limiting belief is usually a statement of “I can’t”, “it’s too hard” or “what if?”.
  3. When you get to the root of your fear and choose to overcome it, your fear will no longer have a grip on you.

Step 3: Identify What You Want

  1. would your life be different if you released your fear?
  2. Would you say what’s on your mind instead of fearing rejection?
  3. Would you have more friends?
  4. Would you look for a new job?
  5. Would you feel happier and more free?

Now you have a working list of things you want to create for yourself.

Your support team can help keep you accountable and help in reaching these goals.

Step 4: Have a Coach or Guide

  1. It is very important to have a coach or guide as you take on your fear. A therapist or coach can help you identify when your fears are irrational, help you identify your next action steps and to remind you of how capable you are.
  2. When you are tempted to back down or have a hard time believing in yourself, a guide will show you the way and remind you of your worth.

Step 5: Follow-Through

  1. Even when it’s hard. You will make mistakes, we all do.
  2. Continue to choose forward progress and remain committed.
  3. Acknowledge your growth as you go and congratulate yourself!

If you have made the decision and are looking for a coach or guide to let go of fear, call me to schedule an on the house consult. Together we will identify your action steps and work together to overcome your fears!

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