Your Life After Divorce

You’re trying to figure out life after divorce. And you’re struggling to navigate all of the new challenges. Most of the time you feel lost, stuck and alone. Let me help you…

Finally Getting the Support You Need to Rebuild Your Life After Divorce

Private Facebook Support Group

You are invited 🙂 to my private Life After Divorce Facebook Support Group.

It’s a private group for you to give and get support with people going through your exact struggle. Each week I join you in a live feed to talk about topics that are important to you.

I am also there reading what you post and offering you support and suggestions. I know that trust is especially hard for you right now. From dealing with your ex to the lawyers, you are not feeling exceptionally friendly or open. However, your healing depends on your willingness to share in a safe space. I have created exactly that.

Life After Divorce: Loneliness, Grief, Resentment, Giving Up Your Dreams …

You’ve become a master at juggling. You are suddenly the most responsible and exhausted human you know. From work to personal finances, moving, laundry, and all things child care and custody; you are learning more than you wanted to about life after divorce. And as a bonus, you can now pair your favorite wines with breakfast foods, for dinner. Oh and all of this is happening amidst some pretty powerful grief, resentment, and loneliness.

The Loss of Yourself

While you may be glad to be rid of your matrimonial ties to your ex, you’ve lost more than a marriage. You gave up your dreams and your self-esteem; maybe your inlaws, your home, your financial security and your hope of having a healthy romantic relationship.

Focusing on Your Ex

When you decided to get divorced, you made peace with letting go of your ex. But what’s worse is you can’t figure out how to stop focusing on them.

Whether you’re analyzing their relationships status, why they didn’t think you were worth it or just stewing in anger, you struggle to keep the focus on yourself. And let’s not even get started about Facebook stalking.

Living in the Past

So now what? You can’t live in this post-divorce haze of upset forever. At some point, you have to decide to pull it together and level up your life. Trust me; I understand where you are not just because I’m a trained therapist. But also because I’ve been where you are.

Life after Divorce: Repeating History into the Future

From personal and professional experience I know that if you don’t truly heal from this, you will repeat history. All of those times you’ve said, “I’ll never get married again” will eventually become a distant memory. All of this self-loathing and resentment you’re treating with booze and social isolation will bite you in the butt.

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You’re life after divorce needs some real direction, support, and advice.

Sure, friends and family are (sometimes) helpful. But they also don’t entirely get it.

And, you may feel like you’ve been burdening them too much. And I know you can use all the help you can get!



These opportunities are not for the faint of heart. Facing your s#!+ is no joke.

It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable. Not everyone will be up to the task, but you’re not everyone. You want to believe that healing is possible, but you can’t imagine how to begin.

I’ve got you.

You know the adage, nothing risked nothing gained. And this risk is worth taking.

It’s a leap into healing you – which is your most precious gift.

Hugs, Dawn