Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

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woman hula-hooping in the sun set, life begins at the end of your comfort zoneLife begins at the end of your comfort zone … Hula-hooping. Yup, you read that right.

What was your reaction?

Did you smile, cringe, furrow your brow in confusion?

Well for some of my friends, hula hooping is a source of joy and confidence. This may sound corny or pointless but bear with me.

Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone: Where Does Your Own Comfort Zone End?

I was hanging out at the local beer garden this weekend when my friend demonstrated her advanced skill. (Yes, there are hula hoops in the beer garden).

She told me, “I had never done it before, and it turns out I’m a natural!”

As I watched her shimmy her hips I thought – what an excellent life lesson.

How many times have we said “no thank you” to trying new foods, habits, activities or hobbies?

One of my besties always tells her kiddos: “the first try is to taste it, the second time is to figure it out, and the third try is to make a decision.”

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It’s Easy to Get Stuck

It’s so easy to get stuck in our “boring” lives insisting there is nothing to do or that we feel uninspired.

To experience joy and inspiration, we have to live!

That means, taking chances, keeping it fresh and having a willingness to try new things even if it doesn’t work out.

What if the thing you are resisting is really just a fear of failure?

Or a false belief that you won’t like it?

I have a client who was looking to make new friends by trying new things.

After checking out yoga, Latin dance and a new church, she landed on competitive weightlifting.

She feels stronger (obvi) but also more confident and empowered.

It’s been incredible to watch her learn and grow.

If you feel stumped, pick something, anything outside of your comfort zone.

The sillier, the better!

The point is to explore. The world and yourself.

There is so much more out there for you and me. And, my bet is you have amazing skills and delicious experiences just waiting for you to find them.

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