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happy couple on motorcycle, successfully counseled by Dawn Wiggins Therapy, marriage counseling Boca Raton FLIf I could give you one invaluable suggestion about marriage counseling in Boca Raton, FL it would be: don’t wait to get help!  Too often the clients I see for marriage counseling in Boca Raton have waited until therapy is their last resort.  When you delay in taking action to resolve the problem, resentment grows.  Resentment is a marriage killer.  Marriage counseling is your first line of defense against separation or divorce.


Forgiveness is Key and I will teach You How

Marriage counseling in Boca Raton is such an effective method for healing marriages is because it allows each partner to identify ways they are judging, criticizing, holding on to resentments, and denying ways their behavior may be damaging the relationship.

I understand that seeking help requires vulnerability and that you and your partner may not agree on the desire to attend marriage counseling.

Very often, when I see a married couple in my office, it is not their first attempt at marriage therapy.  Historically, one or the other wasn’t ready to participate and follow through, or perhaps they did not feel that the therapist was a good fit and they dropped out.  I frequently receive feedback that my approach is helpful because it is both supportive and direct, allowing the couple to feel there is a direct path to wellness despite not feeling successful in the past.


Your Marriage isn’t the Problem, Your Unwillingness to Change is the Problem.

For psychotherapy to truly be effective, both partners must be willing to change the things that are damaging the relationship.  I frequently hear things like “I am too old to change now”, and “This is just how I am, take me or leave me”.   When couples pledge to teamwork and unconditional commitment, follow-through with homework assigned between sessions they begin to see results within a few short sessions.

The most common complaints I hear from couples in Boca Raton are related to

  • money,
  • infidelity,
  • trust,
  • parenting,
  • addiction and
  • intimacy issues.

Boca Raton is a very special area that is known for retirement, vacationing and overall a lovely way of living.  There is a lot of wealth in Boca Raton.

Unfortunately, this often allows for the reinforcement of values that do not create lasting relationships or lasting happiness.  Money, power, status and prestige are external values that are fleeting ways to experience gratification.  When these things no longer satisfy the internal hunger to have enough or be enough, people often look outside of their relationships to fulfill their needs.


Come With an Open Mind and a Willingness to Be Vulnerable

The key to marriage therapy in Boca Raton is learning how to focus on internal values that leave each partner with the tools and values that create fidelity, allow love to remain vibrant and to experience gratitude for your partner even in the face of annoying habits! 

If you are angry at your spouse, I mean really angry, there are likely still warm feelings there as well – a place to build from. 

Anger is not a sign of divorce; it is a sign that something needs to change.  Indifference, a complete lack of engagement is the danger flag for a relationship.  Marriage therapy is an ideal setting to learn how to rekindle the passion in your relationship, or even create passion where it never existed.


Be Optimistic about Your Marriage and the Possible Outcomes of Marriage Counseling

  • By letting go of secrets you will create safety and security in your marriage.
  • Through forgiveness you will create closeness and intimacy.
  • By relinquishing judgement, criticism or blame you will rekindle desire and passion.
  • By working together on communication skills inside and outside of therapy, you will strengthen your feelings of trust create teamwork.
  • By increasing vulnerability and taking responsibility for your actions, you will create lasting connection and increase feelings of worthiness and belonging.

“We truly believe that we would not be together today if it weren't for Dawn. We knew we loved each other, and wanted to remain together, but we needed someone to help us work through some of our issues. Dawn carefully navigated our concerns, and helped us grow closer together. Some sessions would begin with us as far apart as we could get, both physically and emotionally, but they always ended with us cuddled up together or holding hands. We owe the honest, committed, and loving relationship we have today to Dawn. There isn't a doubt in our minds.”

I am a collaborative divorce attorney and family mediator who helps couples through separation and divorce. All of my work is out-of-court and I am always seeking new ways of maintaining the peaceful and effective focus of my work with the goal of facilitating resolution of all issues for couples and families. So a few months ago, when I called upon Dawn, it was with the hope that she could play a critical role in assisting me in a particular divorce mediation I was handling. The mediation was in danger of impasse if I could not find a way to deal with the concern that the Husband/Father may have had a substance abuse addiction and if so, how we would address co-parenting arrangements. I am not an expert on the subject, but I knew that Dawn was. She is not only an expert in terms of marital relationships but also has an extremely strong background in and experience with addiction, so I thought she might be a wonderful resource – and I was 100% correct. She helped the couple and by extension, me, to process and analyze the situation and work out an appropriate time-sharing plan. She was effective, confident and extremely professional. I would use her services again without hesitation!!


Face Your Fears and Get the Support You Need

If I have spoken to you in any way, please contact our Boca Raton marriage counseling, family, and couples therapy office at (561) 221-5575 to book your marriage counseling session in our Boca Raton office immediately.

Ask questions, explore your options for healing!

It gets better…you just have to choose it.


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