What It Takes to Be Vulnerable in a Relationship

Being vulnerable in a relationship brings out a couple’s true essence. A couple who invests in individual and collaborative vulnerability is exponentially more likely to beat the odds. I recently spoke with Mike Allebach, a photographer from PA. He specializes in boudoir photography; a unique way to express vulnerability in a relationship! I was excited to connect with him because I believe he has something special to offer couples and relationships. He also has the great honor of witnessing and capturing vulnerability and connection in his work.  (more…)

Marriage is Hard – What are You Willing to Surrender?

Married couple holding the palms of their hands together, marriage is hardMarriage is hard. We all want a happy marriage. We believe we are willing to do what it takes to make it work. We go with our loved ones to the therapist and want change, change for the better. And then the therapist asks us to change something we love, something we view as important, something we hold close. But, change is hard because we want to change what we want to change, not what we need to. I realized this myself the other day. (more…)

Fighting for Your Marriage: I Stormed Off Heading for the Parking Lot …

a couple outside, staying in front of each other, are you fighting for your marriage, I do every dayAre you fighting for your marriage? I do every day. Here is a glimpse into my marriage last weekend: It was a typical Saturday grocery run. The fam and I had wandered every aisle and were ready to check out. We picked aisle 6, patiently waiting behind another shopper before unloading our cart onto the conveyor belt. I proceeded to get lost in thought (a common occurrence) while reading magazine covers. I looked up and suddenly realized my people were no longer with me, and some strange lady was looking at me like, yo, are you going to move? (more…)

How to Create a Positive Feedback Loop: What Happened When I Touched Somebody’s Pants …

A young female artist on a ladder is creating a beautiful loop mural on a wall, how to create a positive feedback loopHow to create a positive feedback loop is what I teach my clients in couples therapy or marriage counseling sessions at our Key Largo and Boca Raton offices. I didn’t expect I would get a reminder about the importance of using a positive feedback loop! But read my story here: Last week, I took a much needed holiday. I completely disconnected from life at home and work for a week. It was a fabulous opportunity to recharge, practice radical self care, connect with self and family. But, this isn’t a story about self care. Its a story about relationships. (more…)

Dawn’s Mompreneur Mini Sabbatical: Self Care Stay-Cation

Couple on beach enjoying a stay-cation, Dawn's Mompreneur Mini Sabbatical: Self Care Stay-CationAre you a mompreneur who has taken a mini-sabbatical? Me either. But, it was time for me to practice some radical self-care. It’s been a big year for our family. In the last 12 months, we moved, I opened a new office location, my husband started a new career, we sustained a category five hurricane, our kid started Montessori school. You know… just a few things.