Ask For What You Want: Lessons From My Dog Max

3 Minutes Read Do you ask for what you want? My dog Max is a rescue. Max is a girl – her large size and boy name confuse people all the time. When I picked her up from the shelter, she was already a year old. She had been returned to the shelter twice already. Her given name […]

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Game Changing Love Advice

4 Minutes Read If you are looking for love advice, you have probably experienced heartbreak. You may be struggling in your current relationship or dipping your toe in the waters of dating. Most people don’t look for advice until things have gone wrong. I know that has been true for me. I used to attempt success without asking for

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5 Most Common Relationship problems

4 Minutes Read As a partner and a psychotherapist I encounter relationship problems daily. Problems are a part of life . Since we cannot escape having problems, we need to be good at solving them. The most frequent mistake I see people make is expecting the other person to change first. If you want to be an effective problem

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The Best Relationship Advice

3 Minutes Read When I was younger, I falsely believed a psychotherapist should have their shit together. I was under the impression that a good psychotherapist had perfect relationships. Also, I believed being a psychotherapist meant I knew better than you. I was not practicing the best relationship advice! I do believe that I have a responsibility to practice what I

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How To Resolve Conflict: 3 Ways

2 Minutes Read When I am upset with someone I usually want them to stop whatever they are doing to upset me. I want them to hear me, understand, agree and then change. Not realistic. Life and relationships don’t revolve around what I want. I am part of a larger system and we all have unique wants and

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Why Does My Husband Ignore Me?

3 Minutes Read Why does my husband ignore me? We all want to feel freedom and acceptance. When we perceive rejection or disapproval our tendency is to protect ourselves. Some people lash out and some people shut down. These are not ideal coping skills; however, it takes awareness intention to do it differently. If your husband is ignoring

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Emotional And Physical Infidelity: How You Can Recover In Your Own Way

5 Minutes Read According to the Associated Press, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy in 2015 57% of men and 54% of women admitted to committing infidelity in any relationship they have had. 41% is the number of marriages where one or both spouses admitted to infidelity, either physical or emotional. These statistics are a strong motivator to

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