Dawn’s Mompreneur Mini Sabbatical: Self Care Stay-Cation

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Couple on beach enjoying a stay-cation, Dawn's Mompreneur Mini Sabbatical: Self Care Stay-CationAre you a mompreneur who has taken a mini-sabbatical? Me either. But, it was time for me to practice some radical self-care. It’s been a big year for our family. In the last 12 months, we moved, I opened a new office location, my husband started a new career, we sustained a category five hurricane, our kid started Montessori school. You know… just a few things.

Mompreneur and Wife…Hitting a Wall

At some point recently, I hit a wall. I literally felt like I lost track of myself. Sure, we have been adulting hard AF, but geez, my self-care flew out the window.

I’m pretty good at prioritizing but little by slow I could see I was sacrificing things that matter.

If mama ain’t happy, no one is happy.

In these moments of prolonged stress, I can become a bit – difficult. Those closest to me get caught in my whirlwind of intensity, and it’s not pretty. And it’s a cumulative downward spiral, ya know.

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I think that one of the things that makes me magical is I practice what I teach.

Practicing What I Teach …

It was time for me to confront the fact I wasn’t doing that.

I had to take responsibility.

It was time to prioritize me, my marriage and my family.

Setting Priorities for Good

So I took a week off. For a staycation.

Sure It was tempting to take the kiddo to Disney. Y’all know I’m a sucker for skipping down Mainstreet, USA.

But, I knew I had to stay put.

I had to invest … in my marriage, my family, in me.

It was time to invest in my relationship with my husband. I had to rest, do nothing, spend time with friends and family. Some other things I did were: a 4-day juice cleanse, private yoga sessions, got a massage, meditated, played with my kid, wakeboarded, went to the dentist and got a mammogram.

I didn’t entirely unplug; I still had a massive todo list.

But I was able to work on it with intention and mindfulness.

As a Mompreneur, I focused on Reconnecting with Myself First

In essence – I reconnected with myself.

And I practiced radical self-care.

  • It was ok that I didn’t go anywhere exotic.
  • I listened to what my mind and body needed and delivered.
  • In fact, with a critical mindset shift, I was able to enjoy where I live.
  • To be fair, I do live in a vacation destination!

Bottom line, we don’t need to escape or spend a ton of money to rejuvenate.

We need to assess what honestly is missing in our daily life and fill in the gaps.

Take care of the neglected parts of us that are out of balance.

This week was hugely beneficial for my stability and the stability of my marriage.

After all, who feels romantic and inspired when they are exhausted and stressed?!

This week, I’m back at it. But with a solid foundation for myself, my family and you.

Thanks for understanding.

How was your week?

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