Mothers and Daughters: Help, Hope & Healing

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mothers and daughtersMothers and Daughters: Isn’t it strange that such a sacred relationship can be so complicated. I often look at my young daughter and think “my goodness, just a couple of years ago, we shared a body”.

How does that closeness get damaged? More importantly, how can it be repaired? If you are a mother, have a mother or know a mother, this one is for you. Here is an in depth look at some really tough mother-daughter issues. My wish is to offer some hope, healing and guidance to the amazing world of women.

And to the gentlemen reading, here is a peak behind the curtain 😉



Expectations, Disagreements, Disconnections, Oh My!

Many parents and children (adult or otherwise) feel the need to be close to one another. In times of distance, you do not have to lose hope! My mother and I have repeatedly not spoken for a year at a time. The distance was painful. I encourage you to trust that a healing process can happen.

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In any relationship (family, romantic, friendship) there are periods of closeness and distance. It is important to learn to accept the uncertainty of a relationship. Sometimes you have to trust and leave it alone. No two mothers and daughters will be the same. It’s okay to feel confused about when to let go or when to set a limit. There is no definitive answer out there regarding exactly how to parent.

In this video my mother and I talk a lot about what creates friction in mother daughter relationships and how to navigate it. If you are experiencing your own relationship conflict, please reach out and share your thoughts. I would love to help.

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