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You do everything else on the internet; why not heal in the comforts of your own home?

We truly believe that we would not be together today if it weren’t for Dawn. We knew we loved each other, and wanted to remain together, but we needed someone to help us work through some of our issues. Dawn carefully navigated our concerns and helped us grow closer together. Some sessions would begin with us as far apart as we could get, both physically and emotionally, but they always ended with us cuddled up together or holding hands. We owe the honest, committed, and loving relationship we have today to Dawn. There isn’t a doubt in our minds."


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Practicing self-care without feeling guilty or selfish can be tough. Even when you phone a friend, you usually feel compelled or obligated to say, “but how are you doing?” So for most people, the appeal of therapy is that unbridled opportunity to feel heard and seen by a trusted expert with an unbiased point of view, so that you can receive impartial guidance toward a better way of being. Especially when it comes to marriage and relationship counseling. It’s truly your time to focus on self-care and your relationship and, at times, challenge those preconceived notions that are likely holding you back. >But, it’s a misconception to believe that this type of trust, connection and ultimately breakthroughs can only happen when doctor-and-patient are in the same room.

Like the rest of the world, therapy has also gone viral—embracing technology through the power of online treatment. Dawn is a huge proponent of online therapy. There’s much to consider when delving into this type of care, and she is extremely conscious of her patients’ surroundings before administering any kind of therapeutic discussions. Employing the HIPPA-compliant software VSee for her sessions, Dawn is able to cultivate the same meaningful, confidential trust with her patients regardless of their whereabouts. And actually, a lot of clients who are nervous or hesitant or skeptical or, let’s just say it, totally freaked out about therapy, tend to feel more at ease through this type of interaction.

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Presenting patients with a quick and easy on-boarding process—schedule an appointment and return your completed paperwork, you can begin talking to Dawn as swiftly as your internet will allow. All that’s left to do is turn off your cell phone, have tissues handy, and let the healing begin! Payment is completed via Credit Card or Square Cash App.

On A Personal Note...

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Because I’m so in tune with what my patients are saying, I have this reputation of using a piercing gaze that may or may not scare the be-Jesus out of you. Through virtual therapy, some people feel safer behind the screen and in the comfort of their own space. Some of my best clients dig deeper and cry more in a virtual session than they do sitting in the office with me. 

And I even have had married couples as consistent virtual clients who keep me on retainer. It tends to create more consistent attendance when virtual therapy is an option because scheduling doesn’t get in the way. It’s kind of like exercising—some people prefer going to the gym and some find it easier to have a trainer come to their house.

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