Open Your Heart to Receive

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key chain next to a white cotton heart, open your heartDo you open your heart to everything you receive in life? Yall know I love podcasts. I was listening to Oprah’s super soul conversations last week and feeling oh so inspired. But it got me thinking…

When You Open Your Heart, It’s Easy to Feel Inspired …

It’s easy to love the people, ideas and things that inspire us.

Things that are easy to love:

  • adorable babies,
  • kittens,
  • stories of people who have overcome,
  • people who love us well. (You get the idea).

Things not so easy to love:

  • the person that screwed up your order,
  • my child not following directions,
  • the parent that let you down, the careless teenager that knocked over your expensive bicycle…
  • the parts of ourselves we don’t like.

Why Do We Open or Close Our Hearts?

I started to examine and question how, when and why my heart is open or closed.

  • Why does Oprah inspire me more than the janitor that cleans up at work?
  • Why do I dismiss things I don’t perceive as valuable?

I became saddened at my tendency to value people with influence over just valuing all people equally. I got kinda excited to start greeting people with wonder and interest.

[bctt tweet=”Greeting people with wonder and interest, not judgement or assumption.”]

We Easily Love What We Like

Later that week, a friend posted this video on Facebook. It was inspiring (easy to love) but spoke of a similar message. We can learn from anyone, regardless of their background, education or influence.

It seems a mighty seed was planted and taking root in my heart.

At the tail end of the weekend, a soul mentor of mine opened my eyes even wider.

We Don’t Love What We Don’t Like

She helped me see parts of myself that I didn’t love with ease. In fact, I was doing the opposite. I was dismissing or alienating myself in a sense. I was focusing on the wound, the pain, the problem; perpetuating a sense of helplessness. The pain was growing. It felt ultimately out of my control. Like I was helpless to lessen the hurt.

What Happens When You Choose to Love What You Don’t Like?

But, what if I chose to love that part? What if I embraced myself more fully? What if I have the power to shift my pain by focusing on what is loving and kind. In the same way, I desire to be loving and kind to everyone. Regardless of their story, background or behavior.

So, now what?

Now I put it into action.

[bctt tweet=”Loving yourself with all aspects of within you.”]

I love the parts that don’t come naturally.

The more I focus on love; the more love will grow. My perspective will shift. Everything will feel better. And it echoes and resonates. For generations.

Do you want to find out how to open your heart in a relationship? I’m only an email or phone call away.

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