3 Ways to Recognize And Overcome Power Struggles In Relationships

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a couple sitting on a bench and fighting, symbolizing power struggles in relationshipsDo you experience power struggles in relationships? Power struggle happens in every relationship. It could be your lover, child, parent, boss or friend. It is the overwhelming feeling that you need to be heard, be right and that you need to win.

It’s time to surrender the struggle and begin a new peaceful way of life and love.

It’s time to surrender the struggle and
begin a new peaceful way of life and love.

Find Out What To Do When You Experience Power Struggles In Relationships

Watch the video below to learn more about how you can recognize and overcome power struggles in your personal and business relationships or scroll down to read the highlights.

Way #1: Recognize, Know and Manage.

When power struggles in relationships happening, the best way to overcome it is to recognize that it is happening, know your triggers and manage your feelings.

What is a “Trigger”?

A trigger is something inside of you that becomes ignited when you are in an emotional or stressful situation. If we are not aware, our feelings take over and we stop communicating or acting in a beneficial or rational way.

An example of feeling triggered and in power struggle would be

  • when you feel out of control and
  • desperate to be heard and understood.

It is important to note that power struggles in relationships do not always look like a loud disagreement, sometimes it is silent behavior. An example of this would be your spouse constantly leaving the toilet seat up and you going behind and slamming it down.

Way #2: Find the Win-Win.

[bctt tweet=”Finding the win-win typically requires problem-solving from a rational place”]
This means you have already used step one and are not overwhelmed by feelings of anger, fear, sadness or shame. A win-win for both parties is something that benefits both people, but may not look the way you wanted it to.

Sometimes we forget that disengaging from an argument is a benefit because it

  • reduces our stress and
  • allows us to live more peacefully.

The win-win may mean taking no action, it may mean negotiating after actively listening. It is important to understand that the win-win doesn’t always happen immediately and can take time to unfold.

Way #3: Close or Right?

To overcome power struggles in relationships, you need to choose if you want to be close to people or if you want to be right.

[bctt tweet=”Often the desire to be right is driven by underlying insecurity, whether you are conscious of that or not.”]

By acting on the need to be right, you typically push people away which only reinforces insecure beliefs. If you choose to be close and let go of needing to be right, you can embrace self-confidence and prioritize your relationships over your ego.

[bctt tweet=”Old habits can die hard.”]

If you are aware that power struggles in relationships have a pattern you want to change, call me at (561) 221-5575 or fill out my on the house consult and we will find your win-win.

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