You’ll find no judgement or hierarchy here. Just a safe, approachable and relatable setting.

Perseverance and hope is what I truly believe led my husband and I to Dawn Wiggins our Family Therapist. Dawn has the understanding and knowledge we were looking for. Day by day we too are receiving tools on how to cope. After all addiction is a family illness.


Let's Get Real...

The world is generally confused by what the word therapy means.

Google doesn’t know what it means either—when you type in therapy or therapist in the search bar, it produces psychotherapy and physical therapy. And psychotherapy just sounds jarring, doesn’t it? Many people perceive psychotherapy as the doctor-sofa-hierarchy—this superior medical being judging the patient for their thoughts and for seeking support in the first place.

But that is not psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is healing through self-awareness and self-discovery. And couldn’t we all use a little of that? In today’s climate as mental health has become more and more a part of our societal and political culture and conversation, it’s more important than ever to define psychotherapy for the masses, remove the stigma surrounding it, and open our minds to the possibilities and healing nature that comes with change.

Two Roads...

When seeking the services of Dawn Wiggins Therapy, whether in the Boca Raton or Key Largo offices or through distance psychotherapy online, you’ll find no judgement or hierarchy here. Just a safe, approachable and relatable setting where the education, credentials and professional prowess are matched by personal experience and empathy.

Delicate Tree Branch

And above all, Dawn’s strength lies in her intuition. She can typically meet with someone just once and have a treatment plan in mind for them by the end of the first session. It might be...


individual therapy

A comfortable one-on-one environment where you and your psychotherapist can build trust

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couples therapy

For individuals who are committed to facing the fears that they habitually experience in relationships.

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The latter is a different level of learning that requires vulnerability and openness, and a willingness to deal with uncomfortable feelings even when tempted to run. It’s an ideal practice for someone who finds themselves frequently emotional or triggered by strangers or loved ones.

Either Way...

Psychotherapy will be as effective as you want it to be. The more open you are to outwardly looking inward, the benefits and transformations that can be made are rewarding beyond measure:

a lock with a heart in it, EMDR counseling


a lock with a heart in it, EMDR counseling


a lock with a heart in it, EMDR counseling

Less fear of
judgement from

a lock with a heart in it, EMDR counseling

intimacy in your

a lock with a heart in it, EMDR counseling

Reduced feelings
of loneliness

a lock with a heart in it, EMDR counseling

openness to feedback and


On A Personal Note...

a message from dawn

The first time I sought out psychotherapy for myself, it wasn’t as helpful for me because of my state of mind. I wanted the world and the people I was angry with to change because I was sure that would allow me to begin healing. I later discovered that’s not the ideal mindset to approach psychotherapy with. But the second time I went to psychotherapy, it changed my life. At that point, I was ready to learn how to let go. I was open to gaining the tools that could help me through bouts of anxiety and anger triggers, and I was excited to learn how to feel comfortable being myself without fear of judgement.

If you’re struggling with roadblocks surrounding loneliness and isolation, intimacy, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sexual identity, addiction, codependency and/or fear of judgement, psychotherapy could be a game-changer for you. Unsure of what brought you here or what your end goal might be? That’s OK. We can explore it together. I’m looking forward to being a part of your incredible journey.

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