Reasons I Love You

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My Two Main Reasons Why I Love You

I love you. Whether we are besties or strangers, I stand by this sentiment. You are worthy of my love. Of anyone’s love. And not because you earned it, or proved your worth. I just love you because:

My Two Main Reasons Why I Love You

  1. You are. And no one else will ever be YOU.
  2. See #1.

We are all screwed up, perfect and everything in between.

I don’t care how much you’ve rocked this week or bombed this week.

You are Living this Messy, Complicated, Crazy Thing We Call Life.

If you feel unloved, know that I am sending you extra. So much extra.

Not everyone will embrace you with love, but you can embrace the love that comes your way.

Love always wins.

I love you.
[bctt tweet=”I love you. In ways you’ve never been loved. And, with more than you’ll ever know existed inside me.”]

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