Self Worth Affirmation – I Am OK

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woman with red hair and black pair of glasses, drinking a cup of coffee, symbolizing the importance of showing upDo you want to manifest your self worth? You’ll find the affirmation I use to create self worth. Enjoy!

The more I love myself, the more I value showing up for myself. I show up for myself by speaking my truth, experiencing self love, being in emotional integrity and practicing self care. I am good enough for myself and take solace in the fact that my Higher Power loves and accepts me exactly as I am. Other peoples’ rejection of me is not a commentary on my own worth; it is a statement about their own unmet needs.

I am empowered to allow others the dignity of their choices without believing I am not good enough.

I am enough and am determined not to “leave myself”.

I am right where I need to be and grateful for that!

I release all others from my need for approval and recognize the beauty in choice.

I desire relationships with those that choose intimacy, over guilt, and pity.

I distance myself from those who need to be needed to be in relationship.

I am aware that rejection stings but this pain is about loss, not about injury.

If I lose someone I care for, I give myself permission to grieve the loss and feel the sadness.

I will have confidence that even with the feelings, I am OK!

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