Something Big In My Life And In Boca Raton

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picture of an yoga exercise as part of the Something Big event in Boca Raton FloridaJanuary first is a beginning. This year, I chose to celebrate this beginning by attending Something Big. Something Big is a Boca Raton yoga event. Leslie Glickman and the Yoga Journey Team created the biggest free outdoor public yoga class in Boca Raton that takes place in the Mizner Park Amphitheater.

Yoga has been an important part of my life since I was introduced to a Raja yoga class in 2011 at Anuttara yoga studio. I was struggling physically and emotionally at the time and this yoga class was a tremendous help in keeping me grounded. I have continued and broadened my yoga practice over the years.

These days I am usually transitioning between poses while chasing my one-year-old during a Yoga with Adrienne video on Youtube. For me yoga has become a cornerstone of spiritual, physical and emotional health. My husband has joined me periodically. We spent a Valentine’s day at Anuttara taking a class together. We also did a 30 day yoga challenge on Youtube with Adrienne. Today my 15 month old can be heard saying “down dog” as she effortlessly finds the pose (I am jealous of her flexibility and strength!).

Yoga Is Something Big In My Life

As you can hear, yoga is something big in my life as well as a special event in Boca Raton. My husband, daughter and I headed to this event this year, not knowing how it was going to turn out. We were hoping to enjoy our yoga practice as a family and to benefit from the group conscience – the energy of a large group all working in unison.

Being at Something Big in Boca Raton, it was an amazing scene. So many people all moving through the yoga poses, led by Leslie Glickman and the support of volunteers. So many people, connected, practicing in unison. My husband and I still moved through poses while chasing our daughter and it was beautiful.

Connection was the theme

Leslie often encouraged yogis to reach out and support each other in certain poses, increasing the connection in the space. She beautifully pointed out that everyone was collectively responsible for the process that was unfolding.I was reminded of that universal truth.

We are all collectively responsible for what we contribute to the world.
I get to choose what I contribute today.

Will it be gratitude, joy, resentment, or denial?

Yoga is one tool that I use to practice contributing positivity with myself, to my family, to my clients and to the world. This year, I began by setting that intention in unison with hundreds of others at Something Big.

What tools do you use to contribute to your well being?

Please comment below and share your experience with others so we all can learn from each other.

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