How To Find a Therapist

How To Find A TherapistAre you thinking about how to find a therapist? Deciding to see a therapist is a hard enough choice. Determining who you will see may feel like another mountain to climb. If you have never seen a therapist, it may be helpful to have a few pointers about what to look for.

When you are choosing to allow someone into the most personal parts of your heart and mind, it is certainly worth taking the time to research who will be the best fit.


The Stigma Of Psychotherapy

woman enjoying being alone in the woods, symbolizing the stigma of psychotherapyWhere does the stigma of psychotherapy come from? Often times when asked about my profession I respond with “I am a therapist.” “Oh, what kind?” “A Psychotherapist. I have a practice in East Boca.” “Oh, that kind.” is a common response I hear and from there the proverbial jokes about therapy.

The jokes convey a general discomfort in acknowledging our vulnerability as humans and a stigma about utilizing psychotherapy. (more…)