Start to Face Your S*!t and Take Responsibility for Your Actions

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man and woman sitting on a stone table with coffee in their hands, start to face your shit and take responsibility for your actions
Dawn’s Philosophy on Relationships, Growth, and Change: Start to Face Your Shit and Take Responsibility for Your Actions

I was recently asked to boil down my entire philosophy on relationships, growth, and change. Who wouldn’t want this secret sauce? A single and simple answer to solving each and every one of your problems?! It all starts with facing your shit to take responsibility for your actions.

Take Responsibility for Your Actions to Get to Know Yourself

Let me start by saying I’m preaching to the choir here.

If you are reading this blog, you may be able to predict what I, as a therapist am going to say. So, maybe this is a blog post you forward to someone who needs it more than you. Maybe, you share it to your social media account because we all need this message.

None of us found healing on our own. We did it with the nudges and support of those who want the best for us.

My Answer to the Question Was This: Face Your Shit.

Every answer you seek is inside of you.

Every truth, every solution, every win and every loss.

You have to be willing to face it all. The beauty and the pain. The joy and the depths of sorrow.

Too Often We Use Relationships as Receptacles for Pain.

You use your parents for blame, your children for your happiness, your spouse for your bad mood and your friends for your loneliness. You tell yourself you’re not good enough or it’s too scary.

Instead, I invite you to rise up and work with your own pain.

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Your fear of judgment, rejection, conflict, loss, and failure are all fueled by you.

My Job is to Help You Understand It and to Take Responsibility for Your Actions

Guide you in getting to know yourself. Teach you how to get unstuck. To lead you out of the suffocating weeds.

But first, you must be willing.

Willing to make hard choices. Willing to get to know yourself. Deeply. That is where you will find freedom, peace, and love.

[bctt tweet="Tear off the mask. Your face is glorious. ~Rumi"]

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