I Messed Up, and Yes, I Take Responsibility for My Choice

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woman praying, plaque awarded top 100 marriage counseling blog, lettering I will speak kindly to myself in my thoughts. I choose to support and nurture my creative spirit. Take responsibility for your choice.I take responsibility for my choice. Yes, I messed up. I was uncertain.

I asked for advice. Instead of meditating or praying and finding my truth; I gave in to my ego.

In the end, I wasn't satisfied with the outcome.

I got mad. I was tempted to blame the advice.

I let myself down.

I Take Responsibility

I didn't own my truth. I didn't listen to my inner voice.

I shifted because I wanted to win.

Sure, on the surface, I wanted to please someone else. But deep inside, I wanted the feeling that comes with winning.

Approval, validation, and gratification of my ego.

I robbed myself.

And I will never know what could have been. But I can try again.orange heart with lettering have problems, click me to receive a love newsletter

I can forgive myself and I can let go.

I choose forgiveness.

I am taking responsibility for my choice. From here I can grow. I will nurture myself so that next time, I trust my choice.

I can picture myself in an imperfect process with sometimes messy results.

I choose patience.

I can create a new habit and pattern. I can slow down. I can remind myself not to confuse importance with urgency.

I can practice patience and gentleness with myself.

I choose love.

I choose acceptance of all that is and was. I will speak kindly to myself in my thoughts. I choose to love, support and nurture my creative spirit.

And so it is.

Sending Peace & Healing,



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