The Ultimate Guide To Burnout

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burnoutToo much to do & not enough time (or energy).
Burnout happens when you push your mind and body beyond it's reasonable limit. Chronic burnout is slowly destroying your health, happiness, relationships, sex-life and motivation.

Are you convinced you don't have a choice?

The Disgusting Problem

My dad always called this "trying to fit 10 pounds of shit into a 5 pound bag". I am sure there is a rational reason that people use this saying. I can't fathom why people are putting extra shit in bags. Colloquialisms aside, the math doesn't work.

The consequences WILL catch up with you. You can lie to yourself and try to avoid the consequences. It won't work forever.

Countless self help books have been written on how to make time, energy and wealth. Don't you wish you had time to read them all? Bonus for you - I have read them.

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Burnout: The Fix

Here is the quickest, down and dirty life hack to creating time and energy. Are you sure you are ready?

Say no and let go.

Pick your priorities carefully and just say no. After you say no, pledge to release any guilt or obsessive thinking that follows. If the priorities you select are work, money and world domination, this life hack may not work for you.

If you want happiness, energy, peace, love, sex and connection then try it.

Watch the short video for a more in depth look at solving burnout.

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