Is Your Marriage on This List? Top 5 Signs of a Failed Marriage

Is Your Marriage on This List? Top 5 Signs of a Failed Marriage

If you’re like most people, failure doesn’t make it onto your ‘to do’ list, and you prefer to avoid it at all costs. As a maven of all things relationships, I thought you might appreciate my perspective from over a decade of work with struggling couples. Whether you are looking to divorce-proof your marriage or validate your fear that ‘its over.’ Here are the top signs of a failed marriage according to this Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  (more…)

I Surrender: Expressions from My Heart

blonde woman laying on an old sofa, looking into the camera, I surrenderI want to feel loved, wanted, needed and desired. Completely accepted and valued without condition. I want to live in the bliss of constant adoration. I want to be repeatedly told what I am good at, not criticized for my failings. It seems I have been strong for too long. Instead, I surrender and fold into the warmth of your embrace. I want to let go of defending, protecting and hiding. The call of wild, unadulterated freedom is calling to me. A place where I can live in the full expression of who I am. The refusal of being ruled by shame, embarrassment, and fear. (more…)

What It Takes to Be Vulnerable in a Relationship

Being vulnerable in a relationship brings out a couple’s true essence. A couple who invests in individual and collaborative vulnerability is exponentially more likely to beat the odds. I recently spoke with Mike Allebach, a photographer from PA. He specializes in boudoir photography; a unique way to express vulnerability in a relationship! I was excited to connect with him because I believe he has something special to offer couples and relationships. He also has the great honor of witnessing and capturing vulnerability and connection in his work.  (more…)

EMDR Therapy: Why You Can’t Half-As$ It

Person plays with their wedding ring as they contemplate life and marriage issues, EMDR therapyHow I got started with EMDR therapy: Shortly after Hurricane Irma came and went through my hometown, I became trained in a relatively new, amazing and powerful therapy technique called EMDR. This technique solves problems that are known as very difficult to treat. EMDR is known for its ability to heal PTSD with remarkable and permanent results. Since this training, I have been deeply affected and inspired by its results. I have watched my clients who have had the most horrific of experiences heal right before my eyes. (more…)