I Surrender: Expressions from My Heart

blonde woman laying on an old sofa, looking into the camera, I surrenderI want to feel loved, wanted, needed and desired. Completely accepted and valued without condition. I want to live in the bliss of constant adoration. I want to be repeatedly told what I am good at, not criticized for my failings. It seems I have been strong for too long. Instead, I surrender and fold into the warmth of your embrace. I want to let go of defending, protecting and hiding. The call of wild, unadulterated freedom is calling to me. A place where I can live in the full expression of who I am. The refusal of being ruled by shame, embarrassment, and fear. (more…)

EMDR Therapy: Why You Can’t Half-As$ It

Person plays with their wedding ring as they contemplate life and marriage issues, EMDR therapyHow I got started with EMDR therapy: Shortly after Hurricane Irma came and went through my hometown, I became trained in a relatively new, amazing and powerful therapy technique called EMDR. This technique solves problems that are known as very difficult to treat. EMDR is known for its ability to heal PTSD with remarkable and permanent results. Since this training, I have been deeply affected and inspired by its results. I have watched my clients who have had the most horrific of experiences heal right before my eyes. (more…)

How to Create a Positive Feedback Loop: What Happened When I Touched Somebody’s Pants …

A young female artist on a ladder is creating a beautiful loop mural on a wall, how to create a positive feedback loopHow to create a positive feedback loop is what I teach my clients in couples therapy or marriage counseling sessions at our Key Largo and Boca Raton offices. I didn’t expect I would get a reminder about the importance of using a positive feedback loop! But read my story here: Last week, I took a much needed holiday. I completely disconnected from life at home and work for a week. It was a fabulous opportunity to recharge, practice radical self care, connect with self and family. But, this isn’t a story about self care. Its a story about relationships. (more…)