How-to Get Relief from Low Self Confidence: Are My Nipples Normal?

5 Minutes Read We are a culture of comparison. Comparing contributes to low self confidence. Rather than accepting ourselves and each other, we compete. Better or worse, bigger or smaller, richer or poorer – the list goes on. When we compare, we are demeaning ourselves. A little at a time. Without even realizing it.

Number #1 Happiness Killer: Stress – How to Use the Serenity Prayer to Find Stress Relief

4 Minutes Read You have too much stress. You don’t want to adult anymore. Maybe you feel like you CAN’T adult anymore. Too many things have pressed down on you. You can’t catch your breath or a break. You just want to be happy. It’s a great idea but how are you going to do it? How are …

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Ask For What You Want: Lessons From My Dog Max

3 Minutes Read Do you ask for what you want? My dog Max is a rescue. Max is a girl – her large size and boy name confuse people all the time. When I picked her up from the shelter, she was already a year old. She had been returned to the shelter twice already. Her given name …

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What Do You Believe About Yourself?

3 Minutes Read What do you believe? When you ask yourself “what do you believe?” do the answers come easily? Are you able to identify your strengths, values, and goals? Do you know where your beliefs came from? For more ideas and inspiration, click the link to the video. As always, I am here if you’d like to …

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Top Reasons for Divorce

3 Minutes Read The top reasons for divorce are resentment, dishonesty, judgement, arrogance and insecurity. You may think arrogance and insecurity do not fit together. They actually go hand in hand. For some, arrogance is how they cope with insecurity. A divorce proof marriage has a strong foundation of unconditional love and acceptance. Let’s start at the beginning. …

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Do you have Fear of the Unknown?

3 Minutes Read I have been working on getting comfortable with my fear of the unknown.  There was a period of time in my life when it seemed like everything was constantly changing. I wanted to understand more about how to deal with uncertainty and change. As I began paying closer attention to my clients that were experiencing extreme uncertainty.  I also …

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Why Does My Husband Ignore Me?

3 Minutes Read Why does my husband ignore me? We all want to feel freedom and acceptance. When we perceive rejection or disapproval our tendency is to protect ourselves. Some people lash out and some people shut down. These are not ideal coping skills; however, it takes awareness intention to do it differently. If your husband is ignoring …

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5 Things You Need to Know About Feelings

3 Minutes Read Are your feelings overwhelming or absent? I can relate to both circumstances. When I was born, my emotional process functioned the way you would imagine. I smiled when happy, cried when upset, etc. Over time, my feelings were dismissed so I learned a fabulous coping system (this is sarcasm) that blocked feelings. I began to dismiss my own …

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How To Find a Therapist

2 Minutes Read Are you thinking about how to find a therapist? Deciding to see a therapist is a hard enough choice. Determining who you will see may feel like another mountain to climb. If you have never seen a therapist, it may be helpful to have a few pointers about what to look for. When you are …

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Why Do People Lie?

4 Minutes Read Do you ever wonder why do people lie? In my teens, I had a short career in shoplifting. Shocking I know.  Thank God I got caught, paid my debt to the retailer as well as society and didn’t end up living out a life of crime. I was ashamed at first, but today I think …

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